03 Aug 2004 HA’ARETZ 1. AFTER SHINUI’S AGREEMENT: SHARON WILL PRESSURE HAREDIM TO SIT WITH LAPID. United Torah Judaism repeats its portfolio demands; Lapid: we will agree to “sacrifice” for the good of disengagement. 2. IDF TO INCREASE ITS CONTROL IN GAZA STRIP TO INCLUDE JABALYA IN ORDER TO “EXACT PRICE” FOR KASSAM FIRE AT SDEROT. 3. YOUNG GIRL WAS SCARED TO SLEEP AT HOME – AND THE FAMILY WAS SAVED FROM KASSAM ATTACK. 4. “MECCA-COLA” IN ISRAEL – TAKE A SIP AND FIGHT ZIONISM. Islamic Conference’s official refreshment to be marketed in Arab communities.

5. ELHANAN TENNANBAUM WILL NOT STAND TRIAL. [Attorney General Meni] Mazuz defines lieutenant colonel who was released in deal with Hezbollah as “manipulative” but decides to approve agreement signed with him. HATZOFEH 1. United Torah Judaism: We will not sit in coalition with Shinui. SLAP IN THE FACE TO SHINUI. One day after Shinui capitulated on its principles, announcing that it would be willing to sit with haredi fand it appeared as though the way was paved for broad coalition – United Torah Judaism MKs announced that they would not sit in the government with Shinui. 2. ANOTHER MIRACLE IN SDEROT: FAMILY LEFT DUE TO FEAR OF MISSILES – AND THE ROCKET FELL ON THEIR HOUSE. Three terrorists eliminated on their way to perpetrate attack in Alei Sinai. IDF operations expanding to Khan Yunis. In the meantime, anarchy continues in Gaza Strip: Two Palestinians killed in Gaza hospital, suspected of collaborating with Israel. Mofaz promised: Gush Etzion and Maaleh Adumim inside fence. 3. STATE PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE: ELHANAN TENNANBAUM WILL NOT BE TRIED. MA’ARIV 1. United Torah Judaism: Sitting with Shinui is desecration of God’s Name. SHARON TO HAREDIM: I WILL NOT THROW SHINUI OUT. His bureau stipulates: We will not agree to Lapid’s prerequisites for sitting with Haredim. 2. Mofaz presents new route. MAALEH ADUMIM AND GUSH ETZION WITHIN FENCE. 3. STATE PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE CLOSES CASE AGAINST TENNANBAUM. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Shinui surrenders: Will sit with in Government with haredim. CAPITULATION. Shock over zig-zag: Party that promised to fight religious coercion and declared that it would never enter a government with haredim – said “yes” to the inclusion of United Torah Judaism. Lapid: Only an ox is consistent. Discontent in Shinui: “Lapid and Poraz are in love with their positions.” United Torah Judaism: Suddenly they are going to tolerate us? Shas: They are racist. 2. TENNENBAUM: FINAL RELEASE. Seven months after he returned from Hezbollah imprisonment, State Prosecutor ’s Office says: Tennenbaum will not be tried. 3. ISRAELIS SATISFIED WITH THEIR LIVES – DESPITE EVERYTHING. Central Bureau of Statistics survey: 81% satisfied with their situation. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot comments on the negotiations aimed at widening the governing coalition and avers that, “Bringing in Labor now is not important, but bringing in the haredim, especially Shas, is, on one condition – that all United Torah Judaism and Shas representatives in the Cabinet and the Knesset vote in favor of dismantling the settlements in the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria.” The editors believe that Shas’s support for the disengagement plan, “will have far-reaching consequences, the national importance of which cannot be exaggerated.,” and calls on Shinui leader Joseph “Tommy” Lapid to drop his movement’s objections to sitting in the government with Shas and decide, “whether he is a politician or a statesman and what he considers more important – implementing Sharon’s disengagement plan, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Six Day War, or his most recent election slogan.” The paper addresses Shinui supporters: “Partial civil marriages can wait. Amending the ‘Tal Law’ can wait. Even carrying out the cuts in support payments to large families can wait. What cannot wait is the Sharon government’s disengagement from the occupation.” Hatzofeh claims that, “The unilateral withdrawal from Gaza will not contribute to Israel’s security,” and cites former US envoy Dennis Ross as sharing this opinion. The editors assert that, “Sharon, as usual, is completely ignoring the experts and is clinging to the withdrawal policy while almost totally ignoring the country’s security interests, which require a ‘strong hand’ in order to stop the ‘SCUD’ fire at Sderot and the other communities on the southern front.” The paper accuses Prime Minister Sharon of making political promises to the Labor Party in contravention of a government decision stating the evacuation of Gush Katif will only take place in March 2005 and of running roughshod over the Likud Knesset fas he pursues the negotiations with Labor. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, discusses the ongoing port workers strike and its implications for Histadrut Chairman MK Amir Peretz’s possible future political ambitions.