HEADLINES & EDITORIALS 06 Jul 2004 HA’ARETZ 1. SHARON: I HAVE DEFENDED JEWS ALL MY LIFE, NOW I MUST BE DEFENDED AGAINST JEWS. Security around Prime Minister increased; Yesha Rabbis committee: [ISA Director Avi] Dichter’s comments against extreme right – incitement against entire community. 2. FOR FIRST TIME IN TERM: TIE ON NO CONFIDENCE. 3. REPORT: MIDDLE CLASS 15% SMALLER THAN IT WAS 10 YEARS AGO. 4. DAHLAN LEADS IN GAZA ELECTIONS, ARAFAT ATTEMPTING TO CANCEL THEM. 5. [ARMY] WOMAN REFUSNIKS WHO WANT TO DO NATIONAL SERVICE ENCOUNTER REFUSALS. 6. ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY DIRECTOR ARRIVING IN ISRAEL. Dr. Mohamed Elbaradei to try to promote talks on nuclear weapons-free Middle East. 7. ISRAEL ATTEMPTING TO PREVENT EUROPE BEING RECRUITED AGAINST FENCE. Goal: Prevent European support for anti-Israel UN decision in wake of Hague court decision on Friday.

HATZOFEH 1. Embarrassment for Sharon – opposition forced tie in no confidence vote. RIVLIN: “SHORT ROAD TO ELECTIONS.” Knesset rejected six votes of no confidence. In spite of this, opposition celebrated “achieving tie” and announced that, “Victory is coming closer.” (…). 2. YESHA COUNCIL HAS NEW CAMPAIGN AGAINST DISENGAGEMENT. 3. TWO HAMAS SUICIDE ATTACKS IN ROSH HA’AYIN THWARTED. MA’ARIV 1. ISA summoning parents of children who support Kahane. SHARON: SAD THAT I NEED PROTECTION FROM JEWS. Prime Minister goes on attack in Knesset: “Need to immediately deal with extreme right incitement and to uproot it from the source.” 2. TERROR VICTIMS AGAINST “THE ARAB BANK.” (…). Claimants: Bank is financially aiding terror attacks in Israel. 3. ONE WEEK AFTER KASSAM: MOTHER FINDS OUT HER SON WAS MURDERED. Ruti Zahavi, Afik’s mother, woke up from her critical injury. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. STORM IN JUDICIAL SYSTEM AHEAD OF LAWYERS’ QUESTIONNAIRE. (…). 2. NOW HIS MOTHER KNOWS. (…). 3. NIGHT BATTLE IN NABLUS: ELITE UNIT SOLDIERS WENT TO TRAP FUGITIVES – AND WERE SHOT AT BY TERRORISTS. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Both papers comment on ISA Director Avi Dichter’s recent remarks about preparations by Jewish right-wing extremists to forcibly resist the evacuation of Jewish communities from the Gaza Strip: Yediot Ahronot urges the public to take the ISA Director Dichter seriously and says that, “The opposition to the evacuation of the communities from Gaza will take the form of a violent struggle by a minority that will be sustained by waves of admiration from many.” The editors declare that, “Against the extremist settlers’ ideological campaign, Israeli democracy will need strong medicine,” and add, “There is such medicine – the law.” The paper believes that the evacuation must be anchored in Knesset legislation and not by IDF orders, and calls on the government to secure the support of at least 70 MKs for such legislation. The editors assert that, “The evacuation of Jewish settlers from Gaza must be legitimate in the eyes of a decisive majority of Jews in Israel,” and declare that, “Legitimacy means that it is based on legislation by the Knesset, which is sovereign.” Hatzofeh accuses ISA Director Dichter of inciting against the residents of Gush Katif in order to, “blacken their image and make it easier for the government to undertake a Milosevic-style racist transfer against them.” __________ Hatzofeh, in its second editorial, comments on Bank of Israel Governor David Klein’s proposal to cut the security budget and transfer the savings to the war on poverty. The editors believe that in light of the ongoing security situation, cutting the security budget is not feasible. However, the paper does refer to, “The waste in salary expenditures at various government offices, especially the Bank of Israel,” and recommends that these be diverted to the war on poverty instead.