PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Start of the Weekly Cabinet Meeting

Following are Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 4.9.11:
„My Government is committed to carrying out tangible changes in order to ease the cost-of-living and correct social distortions. I believe that the public dialogue that has developed, as well as the discussions of the Trajtenberg committee, will offer us a unique opportunity to implement genuine and responsible changes in this sphere.
The Trajtenberg committee will submit its recommendations to me in approximately two weeks. Israel has never had a committee that has begun such an open and serious dialogue with thousands of citizens. This is a serious committee and it will submit serious recommendations.
I intend to act quickly, pursuant to its recommendations, and maintain the correct balance between social sensitivity and responsible economics. This balance preserves the Israeli economy, the State of Israel, Israel’s people and the national welfare.
Only if we have an economy that does not slip, fall and collapse, as happened to several principal countries in Europe, only thus can we ease the cost-of-living and correct those distortions. We will do both: We will maintain the economy and we will correct what needs to be corrected.
Over the weekend, the UN issued it the Palmer Report, which unequivocally determines that the State of Israel acted according to international law during the events regarding the Mavi Marmara flotilla. The commission determined what we knew from the outset – that the State of Israel has the full and basic right to defend itself. We need not apologize for the fact that naval commandos defended their lives against an assault by violent IHT activists. We need not apologize for the fact that we acted to stop the smuggling of weapons to Hamas, a terrorist organization that has already fired over 10,000 missiles, rockets and mortar rounds at our civilians. We need not apologize for the fact that we acted to defend our people, our children and our communities.
To the naval commandos, I would like to say that just as you and the rest of the IDF defend us, we will defend you everywhere and in every forum. I reiterate that the State of Israel expresses regret over the loss of life. I also hope that a way will be found to overcome the disagreement with Turkey. Israel has never wanted a deterioration in its relations with Turkey; neither is Israel interested in such a deterioration now.”