Israeli Military Attache to Russia investigated for suspicion of spying

Israel’s military attache was taken for a surprise investigation by Russian government officials on suspicion of spying. The claims were discovered to be unfounded

The IDF Military Attache and Ministry of Defense representative in Russia, Col. Vadim Leiderman, was held back by a surprise investigation by the Russian government last week on suspicion of spying. He was taken to the headquarters and released after a short while due to diplomatic immunity because of his position.

At the end of the investigation he was told he must leave Russia within 48 hours and that he cannot return to the country as he will be arrested. His term in Moscow was to end in two months.

Defense officials in Israel did a thorough, deep check on Col. Leiderman and discovered the claims were unfounded. Col. Leiderman is currently in Israel and underwent a security investigation by defense forces over the weekend.