Will Sharon open his eyes?

Waiting for Sharon to wake up: Doctors to continue process of rousing prime minister Tuesday morning in effort to gauge damage caused to his brain, limbs. Hospital says Sharon’s condition remains unchanged Will PM regain full consciousness? Prime Minister Ariel Sharon reacted to stimulations by his doctors on Monday by moving his right hand and leg, but the public will apparently have to wait a few more days for answers about the lucidity of the 77-year-old leader. Sharon’s condition remains serious but stable, a Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital spokesman said Tuesday morning. Another update on the PM’s condition is expected Tuesday afternoon, barring any developments. Meanwhile, doctors will continue decreasing the level of sedatives given to Sharon in an attempt to bring him out of a medically induced coma he was put into last Wednesday after suffering a massive stroke. ‘Sharon is apparently paralyzed’ Doctors expressed cautious optimism at the prime minister’s chance for survival Monday, as he breathed independently, an indication that his respiratory system is functioning. Sharon has been hooked up to an artificial respirator since last Wednesday’s first operation. Doctors maintained however that the prime minister’s recovery will be slow and his condition remains critical. The prime minister has been in a stable condition since Sunday’s operation. “As of this morning the prime minister has been breathing on his own; he is still hooked up to a respiratory machine, but he is breathing on his own,” Mor-Yosef said Monday. “During the morning hours we gradually reduced the inflow of sedative drugs into Sharon’s body. Currently he remains under sedation, but the dosage has been reduced,” he added. Sharon’s chief surgeon, Dr. Felix Umansky, said earlier that it is still too early to determine whether any damage was done to the left part of the prime minister’s brain and whether he will remain paralyzed as a result. However, a senior neurological doctor at the Assaf Harofeh hospital, Professor Martin Rabay, said that „according to the description of the doctors, Sharon is apparently paralyzed on the left side of his body.”