HA’ARETZ 1. Mutual recriminations between Sharon’s and Netanyahu’s people over intentional sabotage of microphones; police begin investigation. MICROPHONE WAS CUT AND SHARON LEFT CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEETING. The vote: Even though PM’s speech was cancelled, Central Committee vote will be held today as planned. The accusations: Sharon’s people – Feeling of disgust; Netanyahu’s people – Must be asked who profits from mishap. The police: Likud told that investigating officer will inquire into event and issue conclusions in day or two. Netanyahu: „If someone wants to quit, he should do so now,” he said during speech. 2. HAMAS LEADER IN GAZA STRIP: WE WILL HALT KASSAM FIRE. IDF eliminates senior Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza, who was responsible for killing 15 Israelis. HATZOFEH 1. Sharon’s night of the microphones: PM left Likud Central Committee without speaking. SHARON FLED. Sharon humiliated by his party: Many left hall before he rose to speak and left empty chairs. Unknown person twice sabotaged sound system – and prevented him from speaking. Sharon’s opponents accuse: Provocation by his people. Today: Vote to be held on bringing forward Likud primaries. 2. TERRORIST RESPONSIBLE FOR MURDER OF HATUEL FAMILY ELIMINATED. 3. OFFICERS TO RECEIVE LEGAL AID AGAINST CLAIMS. MA’ARIV 1. Yesterday: Central Committee exploded. Today: Ouster vote. NO WORDS. Everything was ready for PM’s speech but then somebody sabotaged sound system. Sharon understood that he couldn’t give speech – and left in a rage. Another shameful night for the Likud. 2. HAMAS: WE WILL HALT KASSAM FIRE. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. The Likud presents: Night of the Microphones 2005. THEY SHUT HIM UP. The embarrassment: Microphone cut at peak moment and PM was compelled to leave without speaking. The lapse: Despite security, somebody infiltrated sterile area and sabotaged sound system. The responsibility: Sharon’s people accuse Netanyahu, Bibi’s camp convinced that this was „provocation by Sharon.” Today: Decisive vote on Sharon’s future. 2. HAMAS PROMISES: END OF KASSAMS. Sharon received note during Central Committee meeting: Terrorist responsible for murder of Hatuel family had been eliminated. Islamic Jihad promising revenge but Hamas declares: We will halt actions from Gaza. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot refers to last night’s incident at the Likud Central Committee meeting in Tel Aviv and asserts that, „A party central committee that prevents its leader, the prime minister, from speaking, cuts the current from the legitimacy of ‘the democratic struggle’ in right of which it convened,” and believes that the Likud humiliated itself. The editors assert that, „Yesterday, the Likud lost its legitimacy as a party worthy of governing,” and add that, „It committed suicide on the air.” Hatzofeh lists a long litany of the ills that it perceives are plaguing Israel and Israeli society. BPI-info