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General Information Doctrine Organization Insignia History Links Homefront Command Home úéřáň October 28, 2003 Main Points of OC Northern Command Comments on Mt. Dov Events The threats along our northern border:

„I don’t think we need to deal with the threats, but with the facts. The events in the north are controlled by Syria and carried out by the Hizballah (ongoing activity). The claims of the links between Syria and the Hizballah are only emphasized by this recent incident.” The connection between the events that took place today and the exchange of the prisoners of war: „There must be a distinction between the exchange of the prisoners of war and todays events.” The connection between Syria and Lebanon: „The connection between the Syrian army and the Lebanese army is not a new one. Lebanon and Syria are fully responsible for what takes place in the area. It’s important to note, that Lebanon is the one who suffers, having the Hizballah operate among and from within its people. We are interested in stability. Syria and Lebanon are responsible for the lack of stability. In case the stability is upset, I would rather be an Israeli citizen than a Lebanese one.” On the issue of danger and warnings: „I cannot say that the danger is over. We can still see Hizballah activity along the border. We are prepared in case the quiet does not continue.” The timing of the event: „I heard the version that the events transpired to mark the beginning of the Ramadan. The calendar year is filled with days of remembrance. It cannot be said that it’s connected with what happened. We are talking about a terrorist organization and are doing everything in order to stay alert.” The shooting toward the Tulip position: „A line has been crossed. We responded by immediately striking the sources of fire. Lets hope for those on the other side of the border that this will not continue.” Concerning claims made by Rajar residents of their houses being hit: „We will check and see how it’s possible to offer assistance.” (BPI.)