What in the World Happened in DC Last Night? Breaking it all Down

What in the World Happened in DC Last Night? Breaking it all Down

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It is so sad to witness what is going on in America today. What happened in the Capitol building is a true tragedy for America and the whole freedom-loving world.
But what happened? So many things don’t make sense at all.
I know people from both sides will say they know exactly what happened. Well, join me as I dive into the issues, raise the questions and try to figure it out.
I understand that many people might disagree with some of the points I make, and that is fine, especially since there is so much conflicting information going on.
I not only hope and pray for America and the freedom-loving world, but I hope and pray that people can overcome their disagreements over this crazy reality that is transpiring and still remain civil with family and friends.

Who Had the Most to Lose By What Happened in the Capitol Building? Trying to Make Sense of it All

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