Chinese Regime Preventing Research On Coronavirus

Chinese Regime Preventing Research On Coronavirus

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Chinese Regime Preventing Research On Coronavirus

Click here to watch: Chinese Regime Preventing Research On Coronavirus

What are they hiding?

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Mock Online Passover Seder During Corona Quarantine
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More horrendous destruction. So wrong. So sad.

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Crazy times, but we continue to do what we have to do.

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Israel’s death toll rises to 110; former chief rabbi dies of COVID-19 complications

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praises former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron as “an important link in the Torah chain of scholars of Spain” • Health Ministry warns Israelis not to relax social distancing measures.

The story that Jews repeat on Passover is the secret of their survival

Jews don’t need a crisis to tell them who or what they are. For Jews, the sense of who and what they are is what sustains them through such crises.

Western Wall priestly blessing attended by only 10 worshippers

The ceremony, which usually draws tens of thousands, was dramatically scaled down due to coronavirus pandemic • U.S. envoy David Friedman, one of the quorum of 10, prays “the world is spared further illness or sorrow from COVID-19 or otherwise.”

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