Settlers Live Everywhere – Peace Now Warns | Arabs Complain – Israel using Algorithms to Catch Terrorists | K-State Sukkah Destroyed

Settlers Live Everywhere – Peace Now Warns | Arabs Complain – Israel using Algorithms to Catch Terrorists | K-State Sukkah Destroyed | Rain, Rain, Rain | Belgium Freezes PA Projects | – Oct. 9, 2017

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October 9, 2017 / 19 Tishri 5778
Moadim L’Simcah

First Rain

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Headlines & Recommended

Peace Now Warns: 172,000 Settlers Live Outside the ‘Blocks’

David Israel
According to Peace Now, as many as 6,427 Israelis have settled outside the blocs in 2016.

Israel Issues Permits for Close to 4,000 Housing Starts in Settlement Blocs, Isolated Settlements, Hebron

David Israel
After having handed out a measly four permits in the past 20 years to the Jewish community of Hebron, it is expected that 30 housing units will be approved there.

Arabs Complain Israeli AlgorithmCatches Potential Terrorists Online

‘Israeli Intelligence has developed a predictive policing system that analyzes social media posts to identify Palestinian suspects.’

Opposition Media Show Proof Israel Supplying Syrian Rebels

David Israel
The rebel force is shown shooting several rocket volleys at a Salafi jihadist group active in the Yarmouk Basin in southern Syria.

Belgium Freezes Its Projects in Palestinian Authority Schools After Discovering Deception

Palestinian Media Watch
Belgium says it “will not allow itself to be associated with the names of terrorists in any way.”

‘Rain for Your Land at the Proper Time’ in Israel

Hana Levi Julian
In Tiberias, the central bus station was flooded by the deluge.

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K-State Vandals Demolish SukkahAgainst Car Belonging to Diversity Initiatives Activist
“This was meant to be a place where everyone was welcome, and someone just ripped it down.”
Moroccan MP to Israeli Former Defense Minister: War Criminal, Leave Our Country
While Peretz just stood and stared silently at his attacker, another member of the Israeli delegation, former Deputy Foreign Minister Majalli Wahabi, a Druze, defended Peretz, or, actually, attacked the Moroccan MP.
Netanyahu on Fox News: Baby Killers Aren’t Looking for Freedom
Watch the full interview.
Israel Aerospace Industries to Provide IDF TopGun Course Correction Fuze
The Course Correction Fuze (CCF) is a revolutionary, GPS-based innovation that dramatically improves the effectiveness of existing cannon artillery ammunition and provides near-precision accuracy that is critical in combat environments.

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Center for Jewish History Hosting Jewish Voices for Peace Events

Ronn Torossian
Jewish Voices for Peace, Mr. Fishback, David N. Myers, and the American Jewish Historical Society have the right to their opinions. They, however, should not be ‘leaders’ in the normative Jewish community.

Israel Courts Shield Hamas Officials from Consequences

Evelyn Gordon
In reality, the implications of this case are broad, because if even swearing allegiance to a foreign government on behalf of a terrorist organization committed to Israel’s destruction isn’t enough to make a Palestinian lose his Israeli residency and its attendant benefits, what on earth would be?

Stepping Forward, or Backward, in Jerusalem?

David Weinberg
Cutting Arab neighborhoods in the east and north out of Jerusalem’s municipal jurisdiction is a bad idea; a slippery slope towards a full-scale political division of the city. Either Israel rules effectively, generously and fully in greater Jerusalem, for all residents, or it doesn’t.

Trump Moves to Decertify Iran; Iran SUDDENLY Open to Negotiating Missile Program

J. E. Dyer
By conducting numerous tests of nuclear-capable missiles, Iran has been daring the UN and JCPOA parties to stop them. Now that Trump looks prepared to call Iran’s bluff, the mullahs are suddenly ready to negotiate the missile program.

Palestinian “Reconciliation”: Hamas Free to Fight but Now Abbas Accountable

Bassam Tawil
Abbas’s new partnership with Hamas means that from this moment on, the Palestinian Authority (PA) president should be held responsible for everything that takes place inside the Gaza Strip.

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My Name is Rachel ‘X’
Guest Blog
David Collier
May the memories of all the holy ‘Rachels’ be a blessing for Jewish people the world over and combat the lies portrayed in the play based on a diary of a brain-washed activist named ‘rachel’
THIS is the Look of Heroism
Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story
Forest Rain
Niv’s courage during the attack came from terrible fear of never again seeing the people he loves. Niv’s courage to stand in front of his attacker, to show that although the terrorist broke his body he could not break Niv’s spirit – that comes from sheer determination..
Why Trump Will Decertify The JCPOA Iran Nuke Deal This Week
Jeff Dunetz
Trump has plenty of evidence to explain why the deal is not in our best interests. His entire senior national security team believes that this “middle-of-the-road” (decertifying but not pulling out) approach is the best option for America’s security

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Video of the Day

PM Netanyahu Skypes with Mother of an IDF Lone Soldier

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