Terror attack: Jerusalem bus blown up 21 injured

Terror attack: Jerusalem bus blown up 21 injured; Hamas tunnel discovered in Israel; Shabak against IDF withdrawal; Australian Kiddush Update; Jordan cancels Temple Mount cameras;; Alisa Flatow yahrzeit – April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016 / 10 Nisan 5776
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The Photo On The Wall
Today (10 Nissan – April 18) is the 21st yahrzeit of my daughter Alisa Flatow, Hy”d. I’d like to share with readers of The Jewish Press some personal reflections on the events of 1995 and what has happened since.
Alisa Flatow, Hy”d

Bus Blown Up in Jerusalem, 21 Injured, in Terror Attack
There are 2 critical injuries, 7 medium, and more wounded.
burning bus

IDF Discovers New Hamas Terror Tunnel Into Israel 
IDF soldiers have discovered a newly-dug Hamas tunnel leading into Israel from Gaza.
IDF engineers work at the site of a new terror tunnel leading from Gaza deep into Israeli territory.

Bennett Attacks Ya’alon, Netanyahu, on Failure to Deter Hamas Terror Tunnels
Bennett urged an immediate retaliatory action to follow the tunnel discovery, since said tunnel is, by definition, a Hamas violation of Israeli sovereignty.
Naftali Bennett

Another Hamas Tunnel Collapsed in Gaza Strip, 7 Terrorists Missing
Hamas officials are convinced Israel has developed new technology to detect the tunnels.
A Hamas digger works in a tunnel used for smuggling supplies between Egypt and Gaza after being flooded with seawater by Egyptian army in Rafah in southern Gaza.

Network Funding Arab Violence on Temple Mount Indicted
Police took separate action against dozens of field operators whose involvement was being exposed.
Masked Arabs Light Temple Mount Fire

Jordan Cancels Temple Mount Cameras Project
Jordan faced a lot of opposition to the project by Muslims who feared their terrorists could be identified by the cameras.
Hamas on the Temple Mount - Jul 3, 2015

Temple Institute Blames Netanyahu Govt. for UNESCO Fiasco
„UNESCO’s heinous resolution was not born in a vacuum but is a direct result of Israel’s ambivalent, nebulous policy towards the Temple Mount.”
Rabbi Richman on Temple Mount / Screenshot

Shabak Objects to IDF Withdrawal from Arab Cities
Ministers Naftali Bennett, Ayelet Shaked, Ze’ev Elkin and Gilad Erdan suspect that IDF meetings with PA security officials are political negotiations for the two-state solution.
PA security force

Eretz Israel Knesset Lobby: Keep IDF in Arab Cities
After half a year of PA supported terrorism, we must make sure that the clear result of the terror will be zero achievements to the enemy.”
IDF soldiers search vehicle at a Hebron checkpoint. (archive)

Police Using CCTV Arrest 3 Arab Attackers of Jewish Youth in Jerusalem
The attack report was turned immediately to officers at the Mabat 2000 unit which began to scan CCTVs in the area.
Police Mabat 2000 unit

A Soldier’s Mother: An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders
Bernie, it sounds great when you tell the cameras you’re „proud to be Jewish” but you need to be proud you are a Jew – a noun, Bernie, not an adjective. That’s what it is to be a Jew – it is not a description, it is the essence../span>
Paula Stern's blog, A Soldier's Mother

Australia: Update on the Kiddush Herring Dispute and Stabbing
Our readers in Australia have sent us updates on the Kiddush stabbing.
Synagogue in Melbourne, Australia

Italy Hopes Netanyahu Will Reconsider Ambassadorial Choice for Rome
Former Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein, now an immigrant to Israel, may return to Italy as an ambassador to Rome.
Then-Italian Vice President of Committee on Foreign Affairs Fiamma Nirenstein (2L) meets with members of the Israeli parliament and other European delegates to discuss the relations between the European Union and the Israeli parliament. (July 28, 2009.

Streisand on Rumors of Prince Charles Fling: Could Have Been First Real Jewish Princess
The secret romance-fling apparently took place in 1994, two years after his highness had separated from Princess Diana.
Streisand & Prince Charles in 1974

Protected-Christians in Muslim Lands
Violent discrimination of Christians has been a systematic feature of Muslim/Arab societies.

US Defense Official to Court: Pollard Still Security Risk
The parole conditions which require him to wear a GPS device that violates Shabbat and holidays.
Jonathan Pollard Gets Released

Labor Boss Herzog Interrogated with a Warning for 2nd Time
Police want to know whether Herzog set up a parallel campaign center whose assignment was to find out and publish dirt on MK Shelly Yachimovich.
MK Itzhak Herzog with MK Amir Peretz

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