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ISIS in Israel, Rabbi Riskin speaks out, Arab-Israel relations, Iranian terrorism – July 6, 2015



July 6, 2015 / 19 Tammuz 5775
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Rabbi Riskin Delivers Harsh Criticism of Chief Rabbinate
In his first public comments following the tenure extension crisis, Rabbi Riskin delivered up some harsh criticism of the Chief Rabbinate.
Rabbi Riskin speaking in Eftat.

Iranian-Backed Terrorists Tried to Stage Massive Attack in Jordan
Jordanian authorities seized 100 pounds of explosives carried by a member of an Iranian-backed group.
Jordanian-Syrian border crossing.

ISIS in Israel: Shin Bet Foils ISIS Terror Cell in Negev Bedouin Town
The Shin Bet arrested six Negev Bedouin as budding members of a new ISIS terror cell.
Rings with Islamic State slogans on them.

Palestinian Authority Arabs Trying to Burn Down Israel
Three fires of 300 acres of forest in the Jerusalem area probably were ignited by Arabs, according to police.
Aerial firefighters put out blaze ignited by Palestinian Authority arsonists near Jerusalem on Saturday.

Who Is Damaging Relations Between Arabs and Jews?
Few Arab Israelis found anything positive in the decision of its MKS to join any Gaza flotilla.
Haneen Zoabi (L) and Basel Ghattas (R), Arab members of Israel's parliament, both participated in flotillas attempting to break Israel's legal naval blockade of the Gaza strip.

President Rivlin Tells Arab Media Ramadan Based on ‘Compassion’
„Unfortunately, there are those who seek to exploit the sanctity of Ramadan, and distort its meaning in favor of … terrorism.”
President Rivlin hosts Iftar meal Sunday night.

“Ramadan Kareem”
Ramadan is SUPPOSEDLY a month of introspection & repentance; yet attacks on „Infidels” skyrocket
Arabs turn their back on the Dome of the Rock to pray towards Mecca, Ramadan 2009

EU Receives Warning ISIS Infiltrating Among Migrants
The EU is warned that terrorists infiltrating among migrants via the Mediterranean Sea.
A minaret seen towering over the Mediterranean sea, near Tel Aviv-Yafo / Jaffa. (file)

Seder at the White House. The one without the kippa is President Obama.

Stand Up Against Iran
Those who suggest further capitulation to Iran are wrongly harming the interests of the West.
peace in our time iran

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Arabs turn their back on the Dome of the Rock to pray towards Mecca, Ramadan 2009

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