Stop vicious incitement and attacks against Jews, World Jewish Congress urges governments

Stop vicious incitement and attacks against Jews, World Jewish Congress urges governments

WJC President Ronald Lauder called it an outrage that Jews in a number of European countries had become the target of anti-Israel protests and urged government leaders to urgently clamp down on any expression of anti-Semitism.

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg flies to Israel, dismissing safety fears – Time

23 Jul 2014 Hamas rockets may be falling from the skies, but Israel, Bloomberg says, is „safe” and „a great place to visit” READ MORE »

Israel ‘could be guilty of Gaza war crimes’, UN official claims – Sky News

23 Jul 2014 UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay also condemned what she termed the „indiscriminate firing of rockets by Hamas” into Israel. READ MORE »

David Saks: ‘Hitler got it right’ goes multiracial

23 Jul 2014 A posting by Rene Smit, an obscure ANC party worker in South Africa, quickly went viral when it emerged that it sang the praises of Adolf Hitler for killing off the Jews and intimated that had been retro-actively justified by the behaviour to date of those Jews who survived. READ MORE »

Fleeing ‘place full of death,’ Jews from eastern Ukraine weep for homeland – JTA

22 Jul 2014 Anatoly, 8, points to a corner of the computer screen to indicate the bombed-out apartment in eastern Ukraine that his family fled last month as a tense standoff between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian government forces escalated into urban warfare.  READ MORE »

Germany, France, Italy condemn anti-Semitic demos – Associated Press

22 Jul 2014 The foreign ministers of Germany, France and Italy on Tuesday condemned the rise in anti-Semitic protests and violence over the conflict in Gaza, saying they will do everything possible to combat it in their countries. READ MORE »

Americans fight for Israel as ‘lone soldiers’ in Gaza Strip – NBC News

22 Jul 2014 They come from other countries, but they fight for Israel. And sometimes die for it: the thousands of volunteers from around the world who join the Israeli Defense Forces, often in combat units, but have no family inside the Jewish state. READ MORE »

Israel confirms soldier missing as violence ramps up – USA Today

22 Jul 2014 An Israeli soldier is missing following a deadly battle in the Gaza Strip, a defense official said Tuesday as Israeli forces continued their air, land and sea offensive against Hamas. READ MORE »

Pro-Palestinian youth attack two synagogues in Paris suburbs – Associated Press

21 Jul 2014 Police had banned the demonstration, but protesters against Israel’s Gaza offensive turned violent. France’s leading Jewish group said anti-Semitic attacks are “growing by the day.” READ MORE »

Lauder blames media for fanning anti-Semitism – Jerusalem Post

18 Jul 2014 The rage fueling anti-Israel protests abroad is stoked by an unbalanced media coverage of Israel’s campaign against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder said on Thursday. READ MORE »