Védeni akarja az izraelieket ?!

Védeni akarja az  izraelieket ?!

Az egyik legegyszerűbb módja,  ha védeni akarja az izraelieket

One of the simplest ways you can help protect Israelis


It's not just our paramedics  that are saving lives in Israel.Image of MDA paramedic wearing gas mask.
There’s little doubt now that Syria used nerve gas against its own people. And while diplomatic efforts are underway to prevent the further use of gas and other weapons of mass destruction, the precedent has been set in the Middle East. That’s why Magen David Adom needs to be prepared for every contingency, whether it’s a gas attack from Syria designed to distract from its own civil war, or terrorism attacks emanating from Gaza or Sinai. As we enter a new year, one filled with uncertainty in Israel, know that your gift to MDA can make a big difference for whatever lies ahead for the Israeli people. Praying for a Shanah Tovah.