Lights-Out for IDF Bases on Earth Day

Lights-Out for IDF Bases on Earth Day


Occurring every year on April 22, Earth Day is celebrated internationally with events that raise awareness of our planet’s natural environment.

This year, the soldiers of the IDF will be part of the 1 billion participants worldwide to take part in Earth Day events.


Camp Rabin („HaKirya”) base in Tel-Aviv. One of the many IDF bases to shut down all lights for an hour today.

In honor of Earth Day, IDF bases all over the country will be shutting down all electrical grids tonight at 8:00 p.m. (Israeli time) for one hour.

By taking this action, the IDF–which has been part of Earth Day activities since 2008–will be joining the city of Tel Aviv in its hour-long blackout. Event organizers hope the move will raise awareness about the importance of energy conservation.


IDF soliders are participating helping the environment in a variety of ways. To read about IDF soldiers painting homes for predatory birds in honor of Earth Day, click here.