Rabbi Yosef to Peres: Have mercy on Pollard

Rabbi Yosef to Peres: Have mercy on Pollard

Shas spiritual leader urges president to push for convicted spy Jonathan Pollard’s pardon, following his deteriorating health. Rabbi says Peres and Obama ‘have good relationship’ 
Kobi Nahshoni

President Shas’ spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. During the meeting, Yosef called on the president to push for convicted spy release following his recent hospitalization and deterioration in his health.


Rabbi Yosef urged Peres to work for Pollard’s release because he has a „good relationship with US President Barak Obama.”


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He further asked Peres to have mercy on Pollard who has been sitting in prison for 27 years and has fallen very ill.



In response to Yosef’s pleading, Peres has promised to do all he can to help Pollard.


Earlier Sunday morning, Peres met with nuclear threat. In response, Peres said that he believed that Obama would not allow