Greece: Israeli motorcyclist killed in accident

Greece: Israeli motorcyclist killed in accident

Yaniv Kitlaro, 38, dies in crash while training for motorcycle competition in Greece
Gilad Morag

An Israeli man was killed while training for a motorcycle race in Greece on Friday. The Foreign Ministry reported on Saturday.



Yaniv Kitlaro, 38, was killed in Serres, Greece while trying to bypass another motorcycle during a training session ahead of a race that is scheduled to take place on Sunday.



Kitlaro’s wife, Maayan, said her husband of less than a year dreamt of opening a similar race course in Israel. „It’s important for me to say that his message was to keep on riding and enjoy life. Don’t stop doing what you love. He was an amazing person,” she said.


עם האלמנה מעיין. סוף עצוב לנישואים טריים

Newlyweds Yaniv and Maayan


Kitlaro’s widow also stated that her husband always made sure to ride safely. „He was happy and didn’t give up doing what he loved,” she added.




A close relative told Ynet: „He was a pure soul, and a family man.”




Kitlaro’s friend said he traveled to Greece along with six other motorcyclists to participate in the Israeli Superbike competition.