Kissinger, Mehta awarded Israel’s Presidential Medal

President Shimon Peres announced new initiative meant to honor individuals who contribute to society, Israel’s global image
Yair Altman

Renowned diplomat Henry Kissinger, Human rights activist Judith Feld Carr, Chairman of Variety Israel Uri Slonim and famed Philharmonic Orchestra Director Zubin Mehta were awarded Israel’s Presidential Medal at a press conference held at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem, Thursday.

The Medal, awarded for the first time, is considered a gesture of gratitude by President Shimon Peres, honoring individuals who made a significant contribution to Israel‘s society and its global image.

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The selection process entailed an advisory committee headed by the former Chief Justice Meir Shamgar and Israel’s fifth President Yitzhak Navon.


Kissinger, who served as secretary of state during the Nixon Administration and the Yom Kippur War, received the award for his „unique contribution to Israel and his peace-making efforts in the Middle East.

Slonim was awarded the medal for his charitable work with Variety Israel and his volunteer work with captive and missing soldiers.

Feld Carr was chosen for her assistance in rescuing thousands of Jews from Syrian prisons and helping them flee the country for over 25 years.