Indictments Filed Against Terrorists Responsible for Gunfire Attack

Indictments Filed Against Terrorists Responsible for Gunfire Attack

Posted on January 24, 2012

In a joint IDF-ISA activity, IDF soldiers arrested the suspects responsible for carrying out the gunfire attack that occurred on Saturday, December 24, 2011, directed at an Israeli vehicle heading towards Ma’ale Shomeron, near Azzun. The trial of the suspects is currently ongoing in the military court of Samaria.

During their investigation, both admitted their responsibility for the shooting as well as involvement in other terror activity in the area of Azzun, involving other militants from the village, who were also arrested and taken for questioning.

In the past few weeks, 17 residents of Azzun were arrested on suspicion of involvement in terror activity. During the investigation, the rifle used to carry out the attack was uncovered, among a pipe bomb and three additional rifles.

The suspects confessed executing additional shooting attacks in the beginning of December 2011, including shooting at security forces. They were also involved in a number of rock and fire bomb hurling incidents, directed at both Israeli civilian and IDF vehicles on the main road near Azzun.

Indictments against four of those detained were handed down to the military court in Samaria, charging them with: attempt of causing death with intent, throwing of an explosive device and throwing objects at a moving vehicle. Some of the men were also charged with trading in military equipment.

The IDF and ISA are constantly operating to reduce the phenomenon of shooting incidents and rock and fire bomb hurling incidents at Israeli vehicles and IDF soldiers around the village of Azzun, and will continue to thwart such attempts.