‘Turkey’s policies brought Israel to its knees’

Ankara’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu boasts Turkey’s firm Middle East policies have isolate Israel even further both regionally and internationally


Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Friday that Turkey’s recent, firm polices in the Middle East „have brought Israel to its knees” and isolated the Jewish state in the region.



According to the Turkish website Today’s Zaman, Davutoglu’s statement, made before the Turkish Parliament, was meant to counter claims by the opposition suggesting that Turkey’s foreign policy was dependent on Western countries, and that Turkey’s foreign policy is shifting towards the East.


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Davutoglu insisted that Turkey’s foreign policy was independent, especially in regards to the recent revolutions noted within its Arab and North African allies.



Turkey „has never remained silent in the face of oppression,” he said. „It is our policies in the region which have brought Israel to its knees before us. We have always sided with people who demand democracy, not with authoritarian and oppressive regimes.”



Davutoglu boasted that Turkey has „zero problems” with its neighbors, despite the opposition’s criticism of the statement’s unrealistic nature, especially considering Ankara’s recent tensions with Syria.



He said that the Turkish government was „determined to go ahead with the policy… But we cannot remain silent if one of our neighbors oppresses its people.”




Relations between Turkey and Israel, two close US allies in the region, have soured since the 2010 raid on a Turkish-sponsored Gaza-bound flotilla, which left nine Turks dead.



Turkey has demanded compensation and an apology from Israel. Jerusalem refuses to comply