Overview of Last Night’s Events in the Ephraim Region

Overview of Last Night’s Events in the Ephraim Region

Overnight, approximately 50 right-wing activists infiltrated the Ephraim Regional Division Headquarters, set fire to tires and damaged vehicles with stones, bottles of paint and by placing nails on the road. IDF forces, together with the Israel Police, expelled these rioters from the base.

Ephraim Regional Division Headquarters, Judea and Samaria, West Bank,

In addition, rocks were thrown at the Ephraim Regional Division Commander’s vehicle. The commander was not injured.

The IDF acts in accordance with the orders it receives from the political echelon. Together with the Israel Police and COGAT, the IDF will continue to enforce the law in Judea and Samaria, in spite of any violence that may be directed at IDF soldiers.

Violence that targets the IDF and its soldiers prevents the IDF from focusing solely on its primary mission – protecting the State of Israel and its residents – and is seen as extremely severe.