PM Netanyahu Meets with Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Stanley Fischer

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today (Monday), 28.11.11, held a working meeting with Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Stanley Fischer and said that, „Thanks to our responsible management of the Israeli economy, today we are ready to deal with the global economic crisis. The Israeli economy continues to grow due to the fact that we did not give in to pressures to break the budgetary framework. See what has happened to the European countries that increased their expenditures without restraint – they have become caught up in one of the most severe crises ever and in mass unemployment.”
Earlier, at the Knesset, Prime Minister Netanyahu referred to regional instability and said that, „It has consequences for the security budget, consequences which will have to be evaluated within the overall framework of considerations, the goal of which is to maintain a responsible economic policy. Until today, we have succeeded in avoiding being swept away by the current that is washing over the global economy. This requires us to continue acting responsibly. Increasing expenditures in European countries led to economic collapse.”