Palestinian Official TV: “Death for the Sake of Palestine”

Palestinian Official TV: “Death for the Sake of Palestine”



The song honors Arafat as someone who was “friends with the rifle,” who “declared the revolution and continued to fight,” “did not tire,” and “did not give up on the principles.”

The lyrics end with a promise to Arafat to continue his militant path: “We swear at your grave, by Allah, not to forget your name and your oath. We have not abandoned your weapon.”

The music video portrays Arafat as the military man he was most of his life, and does not make any mention of Arafat as a peace negotiator and Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

The video broadcasted daily for a week on PA TV, which is directly under the control of current PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Official PA TV often honors terrorists who carried out deadly attacks against Israelis. Abbas has been personally involved in these glorifications.

Source: Israel National News

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