HEADLINES FROM THE HEBREW PRESS   HA’ARETZ 1. MOFAZ ATTACKS LIVNI: SHE IS NOT A LEADER, THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE TO HOLDING PRIMARIES IN THE COMING YEAR. Kadima Chairwoman Livni responds to reports that 14 members of her fare holding contacts on joining the Likud: I am aware of my weak points, I will work with MKs more.  Kadima MK Eli Aflalo announced yesterday that he is quitting.  Kadima Council to convene today against of concern over rift.   MA’ARIV 1. REVENGE PLAN. Netanyahu never forgave Sharon for establishing Kadima and splitting Likud.  Not only MKs but vote contractors, mayors and field activists have been recruited for payback mission.   2. ISRAELI RESPONSE ARRIVES IN DAMASCUS. After meeting with German mediator: Hamas delegation left to receive approval from organization’s Syrian leadership.   3. DEATH OF EXODUS CAPTAIN. Yitzhak „Ike” Aharonovich passes away at age 86.   YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Gilad Sharon appeals to Kadima members: „FOR DAD’S SAKE, DON’T QUIT.” Call – in wake of Netanyahu’s efforts to break up Kadima.  „Arrangements” for seven MKs who will quit to cost NIS 13.8 million.  Senior Kadima official: Livni has failed.   2. New weapon against Hamas. ISRAELI CLAIM IN EUROPE AGAINST HAMAS. Israelis with European passports have begun bringing suits – in EU countries – for war crimes against senior Hamas officials, which are likely to lead to their arrest, just as Palestinians are doing against Israeli VIPs.   3. Last night: Yediot Ahronot and Mina Tzemach/Dahaf poll. 76% SUPPORT SHALIT DEAL. 69% satisfied with Chief-of-Staff’s performance.   YISRAEL HAYOM 1. MK Aflalo: I have lost confidence in Livni, Kadima has become a left-wing party. KADIMA ON VERGE OF BREAKING UP; MK AFLALO: I QUIT. Being said in Likud: Six Kadima MKs have already initialed intention to quit.  Omri and Gilad Sharon mobilized to help Kadima.  Netanyahu’s confidants: Livni is hypocritical; Livni: You have failed.   WALLA! 1. HAMAS WANTS DEAL ON CAST LEAD ANNIVERSARY. According to report in Arab newspaper, organization wants to complete deal on Gaza operation anniversary, which begins next week.  Today: Hamas delegation to arrive in Damascus for discussion on Israeli response to outlined deal.   2. MOFAZ ATTACKS LIVNI: „SHE IS NOT A LEADER.” Against of apparent split in Kadima, party #2 sharply criticizes Chairwoman: „Her past mistakes cannot be corrected.”  Mofaz demanding primaries next year.   3. ISRAELIS FILE CLAIM AGAINST HAMAS IN BELGIUM. 15 Israelis with Belgian citizenship who were hurt by rocket fire during Operation Cast Lead have asked Belgian court to issue arrest warrants against Hamas leaders for war crimes.   4. ASSAD AGAIN BLAMES ISRAEL FOR STALEMATE. Assad said that peace process between Israel and Syria is in crisis because „There is no serious partner in Israel who wants to reach peace.  Israel wants to destroy the peace process.”   NANA10 1. 15 ISRAELIS SUE HAMAS IN BELGIUM. People wounded during Operation Cast Lead demanding arrest warrants against senior Hamas officials.   2. AFLALO TO LIVNI: I HAVE LOST CONFIDENCE IN YOUR LEADERSHIP.   3. „ONE NEEDS A DICTIONARY TO EXPLAIN ISRAELI TERMS.” Syrian President at press conference with Turkish PM: Israel is not interested in peace.   4. ASHKENAZI: I HOPE THAT MISSION WILL BE COMPLETED. Chief-of-Staff in talk with young people: „We are obligated to bring Gilad back and return him safely to his family.”   [Headlines for Walla! and Nana10 are from their websites as of 10:40.] ______________________________   SUMMARY OF OP-EDS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS   Yediot Ahronot maintains that, „The release of Gilad Shalit will occupy the security establishment for a long time yet.”  The author comments that, „What is certain is that the Shalit dilemma is part of the continually changing unwritten agreement between the army and civil society…Chief-of-Staff Ashkenazi, or whoever replaces him, whether he wants to or not… will fulfill a central role in the formulation of the IDF’s value system and the determination of the army’s obligation towards its soldiers, on the field of battle and afterwards.   Ma’ariv discusses Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reported attempts to prise at least seven MKs away from Kadima and says that, „It is not an attempt at widening the coalition base, and it also was not an attempt to split Kadima.  This was a political move to dismantle, destroy and bury Kadima alive.”  The author maintains that, „Now, caught in the act while under the spotlights, and in the middle of his ‘existential tribulations’ over the Shalit deal, he returns to his usual state: Arguing with the salespeople, standing on his position, paying the highest possible price, and leaving without the merchandise.”   Yisrael Hayom notes that the injunction against Sheikh Raed Saleh [from entering Jerusalem]…is in the order of too little too late.  Too little because Saleh should have been arrested and put on trial or expelled from the country, and not only from Jerusalem; too late because the damage Saleh caused was continuous over many years as was his contribution to violent inter-religious confrontation, both as an instigator, inciter and spreader of fires and as religious fanatic…”