HA’ARETZ 1. Evacuation at Amona: 219 injured in violent clashes between settlers and security forces. ASSESSMENT: MORE OUTPOSTS WILL BE EVACUATED BEFORE ELECTIONS. The operation – Sources in Jerusalem: Planning of evacuation was faulty and unsophisticated. The criticism – Right-wing: Police used clubs and beat indiscriminately. The police – Karadi defends police: We stood the test. The wounded – 15-year-old seriously wounded, another nine people are hospitalized in moderate condition. 2. POLL: SHINUI RECEIVES NO SEATS. Kadima wins 43 seats, Labor 21. 3. EGYPT FALLS INTO LINE WITH ISRAEL AGAINST HAMAS. Livni on first visit as Foreign Minister, to Cairo. 4. BUSH: WE WILL DEFEND ISRAEL AGAINST IRAN. Today or tomorrow: IAEA to decide to transfer Iran’s case to UN Security Council. HATZOFEH 1. „Olmert has begun producing election broadcasts.” POLICE RUN AMOK: 170 CHILDREN WOUNDED. Children thrown from windows. Horses trampled people, including MK Effie Eitam; MK Eldad suffered broken arm from blow from club. Police with clubs beat indiscriminately, even people who had no connection with events. Four youths arrested, over 200 injured, 85% of them children, one is in serious condition. 2. RIGHT-WING DEMANDING COMMISSION OF INQUIRY. 3. TERRORIST WHO INFILTRATED FROM LEBANON ELIMINATED. MA’ARIV 1. BREAKING THE RULES. Many red lines crossed at Amona: Rocks at police, clubs on settlers’ heads. 200 wounded. Already talking about additional evacuations. Ma’ariv/Teleseker poll last night: 50% believe that police used reasonable force during evacuation. 2. 15-YEAR-OLD YEHIAM IN SERIOUS CONDITION. Hit on head. His father: „Only in Israel could this happen.” 3. POLICEMAN ALON IN MODERATE CONDITION. Face was cut by glass. His father: „There was a pogrom there.” 4. BUSH: WE WILL DEFEND ISRAEL AGAINST IRAN. US President in unprecedented commitment: We will provide Israel with military assistance in event of escalation with Iran. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. More than 200 injured in violent clash at Amona outpost. OUTPOST OF HATRED. Almost six months after relatively quiet disengagement, everyone involved in evacuation was surprised yesterday by strength of violence. Police: We didn’t think that our lives would be in danger. 2. Yediot Ahronot and Mina Tzemach/Dahaf poll. 57% OF PUBLIC – SETTLERS TO BLAME. Army and police – 16%, both together – 10%, don’t know – 17%. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh refers to yesterday’s events at Amona and deplores the conduct of Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his ministers. The editors also strongly criticize the Israel Police senior command and the High Court of Justice. Yediot Ahronot reviews Hamas’s victory in the recent Palestinian elections and says that, „Hamas, as is known, cannot print money and does not have any oil reserves in the Gaza dunes. In order to implement even a few of its promises, it will need considerable foreign assistance. This is the lever with which to apply international pressure not only so that it will ‘refrain from terrorism and recognize Israel’ but so that it will annul the main points of its Covenant. As long as the Covenant is valid and constitutes Hamas’s basic document, all financial assistance and international recognition to this movement will sow a three-fold destruction – of the Palestinian economy, of the chances for dialogue between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and of the buds of democracy and liberalism in the Middle East.”