„Andersens Welt”

(Andersen´s World), Germany – Premiere of a soulful fairy tale ballet based on a Hungarian novel Choreographer: Anna Vita – Writer: Anna Vita by Ágnes Balázs´s novel „Andersen or The Fairy Tale of Fairy Tales” – Music: Eric Satie (1866-1925) Hungarian freelance writer, playwright, composer, scripwright, actress Ágnes Balázs´s successful novel, musical play and filmscript „Andersen or The Fairy Tale of Fairy Tales” has got a fourth life in the form of a wonderful, deeply affecting fairy tale ballet for families on the big stage of Mainfranken Theater (Würzburg, 2005-11-20). German choreographer and balletdirector Anna Vita´s soulful choreography and the young, talent dancers has given a new dimension for Ágnes Balázs´s beautiful fairy tale on H. C. Andersen´s life. Choreographer Anna Vita met „Andersen or The Fairy Tale of Fairy Tales” first in the form of musical play in Magyar Színház (Hungarian Theatre) Budapest where the popular performance has been on repertory since 2004 (stage director: István Iglódi stage manager, managing director).

Ágnes Balázs´s novel in point was published in 2003 (Holnap Kiadó, Budapest). Her musical play „Andersen or The Fairy Tale of Fairy Tales has been put on four stages of Hungary and Transylvania since its world peremiere at the end of 2004 at National Theatre, Szeged. Her filmscenario by the same title won a Hartley-Merrill prize in 2004. Ágnes Balázs was qualified at Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest, drama section (1988-1992). She stated her career as actress in main roles of Shakespeare´s and Goldoni´s dramas at the National Theatre, Budapest. She has played many remarkable roles on various stages of Budapest. Ágnes Balázs drew public attention to her multitalency and creativity first with musical play „Divine Show” of Quality Prize (based on the world-wide well known Hungarian classic drama „Tragedy of Man”), being playwright, composer, text-wrigher, stage director and playing Eve´s role (2001-2004). Her second novel („Sender: Black Rainbow”) was published in 2004 (Móra Kiadó, Budapest). It is an exciting story for teenagers with a gipsy girl in the spotlight. With this novel she was a prize-winner of national literal competition „Sweet Mother Tongue 2003” sponsored by the Minister of Hungarian Cultural Heritage. Her third novel will be published in January 2006. Ágnes Balázs is a warmhearted artist with exciting, amusing, popular but at the same time cathartic works of high morality.