HA’ARETZ 1. FIFTY SENIOR RESERVE OFFICERS TO WORK FOR MOFAZ. Likud – Party central committee meeting today for first time since split; to approve December 19 primaries. Sharon’s party – Ramon joins: “Experience is vital to be Prime Minister.” Peretz: “Ramon his history of wrecking things.” Elections – Katsav achieves compromise: Knesset dissolution order to come into force on 12.8.05. 2. Israeli Adam Wexler mistakenly parasailed into Lebanese territory. WEXLER STOOD OVER BORDER AND SHOUTED: “GET ME OUT OF HERE.” HATZOFEH 1. “SHARON TRANSFERRED MILLIONS WITHOUT PROPER APPROVAL.” Thus says State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss, who claimed that PM transferred millions of shekels to security establishment without approval. (…). 2. PRESIDENT DECIDES – ELECTIONS ON MARCH 29. 3. IN THE AIR. Adam Wexler’s parasailing hobby almost cost him dearly as winds swept him into Lebanon. IDF soldiers rescued him at last minute. 4. GUSH KATIF DEPORTEES IN DANGER OF BEING EXPELLED AGAIN. SELA Disengagement authority demands that they leave hotels soon. 5. PALESTINIAN TERRORIST KILLED DURING IDF ACTION IN JENIN. 6. HAIM RAMON JOINS SHARON’S NEW PARTY. Peres decides to stay in Labor Party. 7. MOFAZ: “BIBI IS SPOILED KID FROM REHAVIA.” 8. CHIEF RABBI’S SON CONVICTED OF ABDUCTION AND ASSAULT. MA’ARIV 1. Chief-of-Staff attacks ground forces officers who criticized air force. HALUTZ: OFFICERS ACTING STUPIDLY. Chief-of-Staff did not like criticism in IDF of Israel’s restrained response to Hizbullah. “Air Force attacked what it was asked to by those same ground forces officers who criticized it.” 2. ALMOST A PRISONER. Precisely when north was boiling over, Adam Wexler decided to parasail near the border. In seconds, he was swept into Lebanon and became target for Hizbullah snipers. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. SHALOM: NETANYAHU AND MOFAZ ARE WRECKING THE LIKUD. Foreign Minister throws gloves off: “Blows between Bibi and Mofaz are tearing Likud into sectors. This is irresponsible. Peretz receives close ISA security. Deri makes it clear: “I am not in Shas.” 2. Storm in elite unit. “SIR, WE’RE AFRAID.” Elite IDF unit prepared for complicated operation yesterday morning to locate Islamic Jihad fugitives in Jenin. Moment before start, officer and two soldiers astounded their commander: We’re afraid for our lives, dismiss us from operation.” Unit left without them, GOC Central Command has suspended the three.