HA’ARETZ 1. COMPROMISE PROPOSAL: SHARON AND NETANYAHU TO PARTICIPATE IN DIALOGUE TEAM. 2. ARCHAEOLOGISTS: WE DISCOVERED OLDEST CHRISTIAN CHURCH, IN MEGIDDO PRISON. 3. In Hebron, they are planning to struggle against plan to evacuate neighborhood by year’s end. “WE WON’T WIN HERE WITH LOVE – HERE WE WILL WIN WITH STRUGGLE,” BEING SAID IN HEBRON. 4. SUSPICION: DUTCH YOUTHS PLANNED TO ATTACK EL AL PLANE. Dutch police arrested six youths last month on suspicion of belonging to Islamic terrorist cell. HATZOFEH 1. American pressure increasing despite rise in Palestinian terrorism. US DEMANDS: OPEN CROSSINGS BETWEEN GAZA AND ISRAEL. Demand during DM Shaul Mofaz’s weekend visit to Washington. Mofaz met US Defense Secy. Rumsfeld and claimed that all US-Israeli disagreements have been smoothed over. Palestinian terrorism has not stopped: Awareness of soldiers at roadblock prevented knife attack near Nablus last Friday, Kassam rocket fired at Sderot. 2. DUTCH POLICE FOIL TERRORIST ATTACK ON EL AL JET. 3. OLDEST CHURCH IN REGION DISCOVERED, AT MEGIDDO PRISON. 4. BOIM ATTACKS: “THERE ARE SOME VERY SUPERFICIAL MKS.” Thus said Deputy DM, who is candidate to be Immigrant Absorption Minister. In his words, “rebels” who oppose appointments are liable to split Likud. MA’ARIV 1. (…). FRENCH INTIFADA. (…). 2. IDF KILLED, PARENTS DONATED ORGANS TO JEWS. 3. “IF I WIN, WE’LL QUIT THE GOVERNMENT THE SAME WEEK.” Three days before Labor Party primaries: Battle heating up. Peretz: “They are working against me for ethnic reasons.” YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Israel confirms: PA will receive tens of thousands of AK-47 bullets. THIS WEEK: EGYPT TO GIVE AMMUNITION TO PALESTINIANS. Goal: Strengthen Abu Mazen ahead of PA elections. Last night: Palestinian child, who was shot by IDF troops as he brandished a toy gun, died – his parents donated his organs “for peace.” 2. ESTIMATED IN LABOR: VILNAI LIKELY TO QUIT. Reason: Slim chances of winning on Wednesday. Tomorrow: Sharon to submit ministerial appointments to Knesset. 3. PLOT: DOWN EL AL JET. Terrorists arrested in Netherlands on suspicion of planning to blow up jet over Amsterdam. 4. IDF SENDING VOLUNTEERS HOME. Maj. Yankele Melamed fought in War of Independence and Sinai campaign. Even today, at 77, he volunteers for reserve duty on confrontation line instead of sitting at home with his grandchildren. Now IDF is closing his unit for budgetary reasons. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot comments on the riots and unrest in France. The editors ask, “Will the vision of a unified and democratic Europe succeeded in including the Islam of the immigrants and their children?” and reply, “It is very doubtful.” The paper believes that, “Terrorism in London, terrorist cells in Amsterdam and the intifada in the Parisian suburbs are only the beginning, not the end.” Hatzofeh contrasts Minister Ehud Olmert’s recent remarks in support of the Oslo accords with his previous opposition to them and suspects that he has changed his tune in order to keep his place among Israel’s decision-makers. Hatzofeh, in its second editorial, criticizes Minister Ehud Olmert’s recent statement that the Oslo accords helped Israel realize what its, “correct borders,” were and urges him and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to resign forthwith. BPI-info