HA’ARETZ 1. Series of screw-ups before attack: Edan Natan Zada detained twice – and released. LACK OF SECURITY COORDINATION PREVENTED TERRORIST’S ARREST. The investigation: Three Tapuach minors arrested; Mofaz to consider administrative detention of right-wing activists. The funerals: „The murderer acted alone, the criminals are many,” written on sign at victims’ funerals. The lynch: Israeli Arab Monitoring Committee – don’t investigate killing of terrorist. 2. Eight days to disengagement. ASSESSMENT: 4,000 EVACUATION OPPONENTS HAVE SUCCEEDED IN INFILTRATING INTO GUSH KATIF. 3. NOBODY WANTS TO BURY JEWISH TERRORIST. 4. ISRAELI SHIPS DON’T ANCHOR IN TURKEY DUE TO FEAR OF TERRORIST ATTACK. Warning received from Turkish security services: Ships diverted to Greece and Cyprus. 5. Chinese Information Minister in Ha’aretz interview: „ANGRY AT US INTERFERENCE IN DEAL WITH ISRAEL.” HATZOFEH 1. QUIET MAINTAINED. Security establishment breathed sigh of relief over Sabbath – murder in Shfaram did not cause riots in Arab sector. Yet to be decided where murderer Edan Natan Zada will be buried. Chief-of-Staff appoints officer to investigate murder affair. Knesset to discuss Shfaram murder on Wednesday. 2. STRUGGLE AGAINST UPROOTING RESUMES. Tomorrow: Large-scale rally expected in Ashkelon. Today: Cabinet expected to approve evacuation of three communities. Many succeed in infiltrating into Gush Katif. Terrorist eliminated near Ganei Tal as he was planting bomb. 3. FOUR ISRAELI SHIPS DIVERTED AWAY FROM TURKISH PORTS. MA’ARIV 1. DM: We will consider administrative detention of right-wingers. SUSPICION: JEWISH TERROR CELL AT TAPUACH. ISA and police suspect: Extremist Samaria settlement is hothouse for terrorists. Guide and teacher of soldier murderer Edan Natan Zada is right-winger who served time in prison for murdering a Palestinian. The screw-up: Natan Zada detained three months ago – and released. The funeral: PM’s Office to decide where murderer will be buried. The concern: Israeli Arabs will go to Temple Mount on Ninth of Av. 2. SENIOR LEGAL SOURCE ADMITS: „CYRIL KERN AFFAIR IS STUCK.” After four years of investigations, affair is due to end without indictment against PM. „If we haven’t achieved any results up to now,” senior legal source tells Ma’ariv, „it seems that none will be achieved.” 3. 1.5 MILLION POOR. Number of Israelis living under poverty line jumped last year. Full poverty report to be issued tomorrow. 4. CRUISE TO TURKEY IN BIN-LADEN’S SIGHTS. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Series of screw-ups in security establishment’s dealing with terrorist Natan-Zada. EXCHANGE OF ACCUSATIONS BETWEEN ISA AND IDF. ISA was aware of name of perpetrator of Shfaram terrorist attack – but IDF hadn’t told it that he had weapon. IDF mental health officer determined that he was unbalanced – but commanders did not receive report. Disagreement on where he will be buried. 2. IN AL-QAEDA’S SIGHTS: 3,500 ISRAELIS ON CRUISE TO TURKEY. On Friday morning, four Israeli cruise ships were hastily ordered not to anchor in Turkish port. Reason: Local security forces had captured boat in harbor with 400 kgs. of explosive and arrested terrorist cell en route to perpetrate large-scale attack. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot accuses Edan Natan Zada of seeking to prevent the implementation of the Disengagement Plan by destroying Jewish-Arab coexistence in Israel. While the editors call on the security forces to take strong against any incipient Jewish terrorist cells, they also assert that, „None of us – Jews and Arabs – can condone a lynch and justify the extra-judicial actions of an inflamed mob; those who killed Natan-Zada must turn themselves in to the police and stand trial.” Hatzofeh justifies Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz’s decision to bar Edan Natan Zada from being buried in an IDF cemetery. Hatzofeh, in its second editorial, deplores the murders in Shfaram but nevertheless calls for an investigation into, „the murder of the murderer.” The editors cite the arrest, trial and imprisonment of Yoram Skolnik for shooting and killing a bound Palestinian terrorist. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, commends Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s overall budgetary policy ahead of his initial presentation of the draft 2006 budget to the Government later this week but calls for reforms in the budget process and in the Finance Ministry’s power over it. BPI-info