HA’ARETZ 1. Settlers: We will not change plan – on Tuesday, we will march to Gush Katif from Sderot, Netivot and Ofakim. THOUSANDS OF POLICE DEPLOY TO PREVENT RIGHT-WING MARCH. Police: Considering possibility of not allowing demonstrators to reach south. Forces: 15,000 soldiers to join police – will disrupt disengagement training. Homes: Apparently – some debris will be left for construction purposes. Evacuation-Compensation: 130 families to receive deluxe mobile homes at Nitzanim this week. US: Weisglass to discuss demand to provide Palestinians with ammunition in US tomorrow. 2. Security establishment. PREPARING FOR LAST STRUGGLE BEFORE EVACUATION. 3. The opponents. RABBI FROM ALON SHVUT PLANNING „SURRENDER ACT”. HATZOFEH 1. IDF bans Yesha activists from entering Gaza Strip: „Their entry is liable to delay disengagement.” THEY HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM ENTERING – BECAUSE OF THEIR VIEWS. Following pressure, Rabbi Zalman Melamed’s entry to Kfar Darom for Shabbat visit was approved – Rabbi Lior’s was not. Police to establish special investigation unit for uprooting detainees. 2. POLICE TO CLOSE OFF ENTIRE SOUTH TO PREVENT DEMONSTRATION IN SDEROT. At same time, police are considering preventing departure of march participants’ buses, just like in first stage of „engagement march” just over one week ago. At today’s Cabinet meeting: Livnat to demand that Sderot rally be allowed. 3. CONCERN IN NORTHERN SAMARIA: IDF LIKELY TO CLOSE AREA THIS WEEK. 4. MAZUZ ORDERS INVESTIGATION OF ORGANIZATION THAT OFFERED FUNDS TO SOLDIERS WHO REFUSED ORDERS. MA’ARIV 1. Concern: Extremists will create anti-Palestinian provocations. RESTRICTIVE ORDERS AGAINST RIGHT-WING EXTREMISTS. They will be banned from leaving their communities. Security establishment worried: Right-wing activists who have disappeared in recent days are hiding in Gush Katif and awaiting orders. This week: Hundreds of families to enter deluxe mobile homes. 2. RECONAISSANCE UNIT VETERANS: FOR ONE MILLION SHEKELS, WE’LL RESCUE YOUR SON FROM PRISON. Secret team has already succeeded in rescuing eight young men from third world prisons. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Police preparing to use tear gas, batons and water cannon. POLICE CONCERN: BLOODSHED AT RIGHT-WING DEMONSTRATION. Senior police officer: We will use all measures necessary to prevent march to Gush Katif. Concern over Kassam fire at Sderot during demonstration. At today’s Cabinet meeting: Minister Livnat to demand that demonstration be allowed. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh asserts that, „The police decision to block off the entire south and prevent Tuesday’s right-wing demonstration in Sderot shows that the police commanders – on instruction from, and with the full backing of, the political leadership – are seeking a violent confrontation with Yesha residents.” Yediot Ahronot comments on the IRA announcement that it has ceased its armed struggle against the British presence in Northern Ireland and suggests that it is, „a good omen for the Jews and Arabs in the Land of Israel.” BPI-info