HA’ARETZ 1. INDICTMENT IN AIPAC AFFAIR: LARRY FRANKLIN DIVULGED SECRETS TO „UNIAUTHORIZED PARTIES.” 2. Today: Holocaust Day to be marked in ceremonies in Israel and Poland. ALTERNATIVE TRIP TO POLAND: SECOND AND THIRD GENERATION YOUTHS TRAVEL TO REHABILITATE JEWISH PAST. 3. Neve Dekalim: „THE EVACUATION IS NOT THE HOLOCAUST.” Miriam and Yehudah Gross, two Holocaust survivors living in Neveh Dekalim, oppose the comparison. HATZOFEH 1. Police complete its preparations ahead of uprooting of residents of Gush Katif and northern Samaria. SHARON: JEWS WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT A HOME AGAIN. At state ceremony held at Yad Vashem, PM said that lesson of Holocaust was that Jews will never again be without a home, without safe haven they can flee to, and without Jewish defensive force to protect their lives. 2. TRANSFER OF JUDEA AND SAMARIA CITIES TO PALESTINIANS FROZEN – PREPARATIONS TO RELEASE 400 TERRORISTS CONTINUE. IDF dismantles 280 checkpoints in Judea and Samaria – only 13 remain. Sharon to meet with Abu Mazen after Independence Day. Dichter: There are still 50-60 attack warnings. 3. BASI EFFECTIVELY NEUTRALIZED; ALL AUTHORITY TO IMPLEMENT IN HANDS OF PMO DIRECTOR-GENERAL. Senior government source: Basi has failed but will not be fired since such a step would constitute admission by Sharon that program has failed. 4. DICHTER – ISA’S WORST FAILURE: NOT PREVENTING RECHAVAM ZEEVY’S ASSASSINATION. MA’ARIV 1. Today: PM to lead March of the Living in Poland. 60 YEARS OF MEMORY. Millions of Jews around the world will bow their heads today – and remember. „We salute you, Holocaust survivors, for coming back to life,” said Katsav. „They will never find us unprepared. Never,” promised Sharon. 2. MOLE UNDER ARREST. Indictment against Franklin. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Chilling forecast among IDF command: We will not disengage from rockets. „FIRING OF KASSAMS TO CONTINUE AFTER DISENGAGEMENT.” Security sources estimate: Rockets from Gaza Strip will threaten an additional 44 Israeli communities after withdrawal. Considering special protection for roofs of thousands of homes. IDF Intelligence and ISA: Hamas controls Gaza. 2. REMEMBERING THE SIX MILLION. Israel remembers those who perished in the Holocaust. Today at 10:00 – Sirens. This afternoon: March of the Living at Auschwitz. 3. AIR SHUTTLE TO FINAL FOUR. Today: Thousands of Maccabi Tel Aviv fans taking off for Moscow. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Both papers discuss various issues related to Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Day: Hatzofeh says: „Only 60 years later and the democratic nations of the world are tying the hands of the Jews’ government and preventing giving despicable murderers what they deserve. Or the Jews themselves have become cowards and prefer victims at home lest they be accused in the anti-Semitic media of killing innocents…In practice, Europe remains the same Jew-hating Europe but it wraps itself in a mask of enlightenment and hides the hatred behind its defense, as it were, of the human rights of the Palestinians…Europe wants to return us to the ‘Auschwitz borders’…The world is enlightened and Jewish blood is still cheap.” Yediot Ahronot notes that, „Today, remembrance trips to the extermination camps – at full charge – are almost a required subject in the school experience of Israeli youths,” and adds that, „These trips, without commenting on the less pleasant aspects of the industry that has sprung up around them, are an important experience.” The editors note the place of Holocaust studies in the Israeli curriculum but assert that Israel, „still sees itself as an isolated island in a sea of hate that includes not only the Arab world but most European countries as well.” The paper cites Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s speech at Yad Vashem last night (tinyurl.com/bg5e2) and says: „We are not loved anywhere. They’re all anti-Semites and it is only a matter of time and opportunity before this anti-Semitism bursts forth. And therefore, we can do anything we want since for someone who is struggling for his very existence against a big and very hostile world, in its totality, everything he does is justified. This is the message that Sharon…wants to instill in us.” BPI-info