HA’ARETZ 1. HALUTZ TO BE APPOINTED NEXT CHIEF-OF-STAFF; YA’ALON PLANNING TO BRING RETIREMENT FORWARD TO JUNE. Following appointment: Criticism: left wing protest appointment due to Halutz’s comments on military tactics in territories. Ashkenazi: possibilities include: General Director Defense Ministry or Director of Field Branch. Ya’alon: believes that his retirement date is too close to start of implementation of disengagement. 2. ABU-ALA TO PRESENT „EXPERT GOVERNMENT” TO PARLIAMENT. HATZOFEH 1. In service of the dictator: ISA and police increasing political activities. EXPOSE: POLICE TRANSFERS INFORMATION ON PROTESTERS AGAINST DISENGAGEMENT TO ISA. Police intelligence coordinators were instructed to transfer information relating to demonstrations by disengagement protestors. 900 spaces added in prisons to make room for those who will be arrested for opposing disengagement. 2. MOFAZ DECIDES: DAN HALUTZ WILL BE NEXT CHIEF-OF-STAFF. Left wing criticism on Halutz’s appointment, right wing MKs praise appointment which according to Gidon Sa’ar presents an everlasting answer to extreme left wing organizations. Members of foreign affairs and defense committee strongly criticized Minister Mofaz’s relationship with Chief-of-Staff Moshe Ya’alon. 3. SECURITY ESTABLISHMENT HAS YET TO DECIDE WHETHER TO UPROOT SETTLEMENTS ON SABBATH. 4. MILITARY PROSECUTOR: WE WILL NOT DEMOLISH HOUSES EVEN IF TERROR CONTINUES. 5. SENIOR INTELLIGENCE OFFICIAL: PALESTINIANS GATHERING WEAPONS UNDER SHELTER OF CEASEFIRE. MA’ARIV 1. Dan Halutz is the next Chief-of-Staff. DISENGAGEMENT CHIEF-OF-STAFF. For first time in IDF’s history, pilot to be appointed to most senior position. Major-General Halutz, 57, participated in dozens of operational sorties and brought down three enemy planes. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. CHIEF-OF-STAFF HALUTZ. Major-General Dan Halutz, 57, father of three children and grandfather to one grandson, is the first pilot in the history of the IAF who will be Chief-of-Staff.(.). IDF assess that Ya’alon will bring his retirement forward and will leave by Independence day. Yediot Ahronot says that „Major-General Dan Halutz is the right man for the right job” and wishes him luck in his new position. Hatzofeh comments on the increased crime rate in Israel, especially amongst Israeli youth. BPI-info