HA’ARETZ 1. JUSTICE MINISTRY: WE WILL POSITIVELY CONSIDER ADMINISTRATIVE DETENTION OF RIGHT WINGERS BUT NOBODY HAS REQUESTED IT. Increasing incitement: Sharon – Initiating special discussion with participation of Attorney General, ISA Director and Police Commissioner. Ben Eliezer – Received letter that said, “Arab-Nazi blood flows through your veins; you will know sorrow and bereavement.” Police Commissioner – held special discussion yesterday with representatives from Knesset Guard and ISA. Knesset Speaker – ordered tightening of security procedures in building due to threats against ministers and MKs. 2. RIGHT WING ACTIVISTS REGISTERING AS RESIDENTS OF GUSH KATIF – IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO PASS IDF CHECKPOINTS BEFORE DISENGAGEMENT. 3. FINANCE AND DEFENSE MINISTERS DECIDE TO BREAK UP TAAS-MILITARY INDUSTRY. 4. EMBARRASSMENT FOR PRIME MINISTER. Norwegian PM embarrassed Sharon at their meeting in Jerusalem yesterday when he began to raise Peres’s promises to Arafat from Oslo period. 5. QUIET IN MAGHAR. Day after riots, approximately 200 police personnel patrolled yesterday among ruins in village’s Christian neighborhood. HATZOFEH 1. Settler leaders in Gaza Strip: If we lose referendum – we’ll evacuate without struggle. “SHARON INCITING AGAINST YESHA SETTLERS.” Yesha Council Chairman Bentzi Lieberman: Can’t be that legitimate claims and remarks against such a bad and suspect plan are considered incitement. Ministers competing to recall atmosphere on eve of Rabin assassination. Ministers Ben-Eliezer and Shetrit reveal threatening letters that they have received. Sharon orders security and legal establishments to act against right. Knesset Law, Constitution and Justice Committee approves punitive articles in Evacuation Compensation Law. Among supporters – Bishara and Ravitz. Wednesday: Knesset plenum to vote on law’s second and third readings. (…). 2. NETANYAHU: “ATTACKED” – AND DIDN’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT. Netanyahu confidants: “Finance Minister didn’t know that he had been attacked until he saw morning papers.” 3. CHIEF-OF-STAFF TO HATZOFEH: “I OPPOSE RELEASING TERRORISTS WITH BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS.” Cabinet approves release of 500 Palestinian terrorists. 4. PALESTINIANS INVESTING MILLIONS OF SHEKELS IN DELAYING CONSTRUCTION OF “JERUSALEM ENVELOPE.” 5. HEZBOLLAH INCREASES PAYMENT FOR SUICIDE ATTACK – FROM $20,000 TO $100,000. This is part of efforts to increase terrorist attacks in order to wreck calm. MA’ARIV 1. Increasing threats of strategic attack by Jewish elements. CONCERN: EXTREMISTS WILL ATTACK TEMPLE MOUNT FROM THE AIR. Extremist right spurred by assumption that attack on Temple Mount could instantly wreck Disengagement Plan. ISA raises alert level to new peak and police request budget supplement, in order to protect Temple Mount from attack by glider or light plane. 2. THREAT ON MOFAZ: ABATTOIR HOOK. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Disengagement underway: Yesterday – wording of Evacuation Compensation Law approved. Wednesday – Knesset to approve Evacuation Law. Sunday – Cabinet to approve evacuation of settlements. THREAT OF “PULSA DENURA” AGAINST MOFAZ. Threatening letter sent to Minister Shetrit revealed in yesterday’s Yediot Ahronot not unique. DM’s wife received similar letter few days ago: “Your husband is a criminal and we will take revenge on you and your children.” Minister Ben-Eliezer has also received threat: “You have Arab Nazi blood.” Sharon: “I don’t understand why inciters aren’t arrested.” 2. RETURNING TO JERICHO CASINO. News for gamblers: Jericho casino expected to reopen soon. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh reminds its readers that 14 people were killed in road accidents last week and calls for sharply increased penalties for negligent and irresponsible drivers. Yediot Ahronot defends the Israeli banking practice of extending monthly overdraft credit to private customers and commends Supervisor of Banks Yoav Lehman’s plans, “to introduce logic, transparency and fairness,” into the practice. BPI-info