HA’ARETZ 1. FOR FIRST TIME: NATO PROPOSES THAT ISRAEL PARTICIPATE IN MULTI-NATIONAL EXERCISES. Pact considering sending force to Gaza Strip, if there is agreed upon withdrawal. 2. DOLLAR DROPS TO NIS 4.384 – AMERICANS, CHINESE AND APARTMENT RENTERS PROFITING. 3. JERUSALEM POST SOLD TO BUSINESSMAN ELI AZUR AND CANADIAN CORPORATION FOR $13.2 MILLION. 4. SHARON: OUTSIDE ELEMENTS TRYING TO TAKE OVER LIKUD AND ARE THREATENING MKS. 5. FAITH AND BLACK HUMOR: ZAKA PERSONNEL’S RECIPE AGAINST TRAUMA. Study: Organization’s volunteers have high mental toughness against horrific scenes. HATZOFEH 1. Abu Mazen to terrorist organizations: Want ceasefire until elections. SHARON: READY TO COORDINATE WITHDRAWAL FROM GAZA STRIP WITH PALESTINIANS. Declared at political conference: If Palestinians fight terrorism, we will coordinate withdrawal wit h them. Arafat’s deputy: No elections if Israel prevents residents of eastern Jerusalem from participating. Hamas demands general elections. 2. BASI’S PEOPLE RECEIVE GUSH KATIF RESIDENTS’ INCOME TAX FILES. Basi attempts to deny – Income tax spokeswoman confirms: We handed over files.

3. BASI: ONE-THIRD OF RESIDENTS HAVE ALREADY TURNED TO US; GUSH KATIF: LIAR. 4. NEW STUDY: GAZA STRIP RESIDENTS DETERMINED TO STAY IN HOMES NO MATTER WHAT. Study by Dr. Miriam Billig of College of Judea and Samaria in Ariel shows: Gaza Strip men ideologically stronger vis-?-vis holding land than women. 5. ISA LAW ON ITS WAY. 6. COMMANDER DISMISSED FOR TELLING HIS SOLDIERS THAT “ARAFAT DIED A TIMELY DEATH.” MA’ARIV 1. NIS 17 million to be freed for developing periphery. PLAN TO SAVE NEGEV AND GALILEE. Prime Minister’s Office preparing to soon channel major sums for construction and infrastructure in periphery. Goal: Approximately 500,000 increase in Negev and Galilee populations by 2010. 2. THE IDF’S “CHECHEN” ELIMINATORS. They were part of unique army experiment. Snipers, who are veterans of Afghanistan and Chechenya, who were recruited into IDF and acted as independent elimination unit in Gaza. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. French sources trying to end rumors. FRANCE: ARAFAT DID NOT DIE BY POISONING. Doctors who studied medical file: PA Chairman died from liver disease. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot evaluates the latest macroeconomic indicators and calls on the Government and the Bank of Israel to see to it that Israel does not slide into recession. The editors believe that, “The 2000-2003 economic crisis stemmed not only from the intifada and the global high-tech collapse but also from the mistakes in Israel’s economic policy responses to these events,” but add that, “The intifada is currently fading and high-tech is recovering; the renewed decline of the Israeli economy into recession and crisis will, therefore, be the almost exclusive responsibility and blame of the policy-makers in Jerusalem.” Hatzofeh discusses the resignation of US Secretary of State Colin Powell and says that it doesn’t matter who his successor is because, “The goal of all branches of the American administration is the same goal – the establishment of a Palestinian state and Israel’s withdrawal to something closely approaching the 1967 borders.” The editors believe that UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is – for his own domestic political reasons – pressing US President George Bush to pressure Prime Minister Ariel Sharon into making extraordinary gestures to the new Palestinian Authority leadership.” BPI-info