“digital army”

IDF signs NIS 3.5 billion mega-deal with Elbit The Ministry of Defense has awarded the Digital Army project to Elbit Systems. The 10-year contract, estimated at NIS 3.5 billion, is subject to approval by Minister of Defense Shaul Mofaz.

As part of the Digital Army Project, all ground combat units will be connected by optic fibers, allowing them to exchange information between them and communicate with headquarters. The system will be hooked-up to air force, navy, and army intelligence information systems, so as to provide IDF commanders with an optimal view of the battlefield situation in real time. In addition to installing the fiber optic infrastructure, Elbit will supply IDF with command, control, and communication systems. Senior army sources revealed that Elbit is expected to cooperate with other Israeli security developers, such as Refael and Tadiran, in the venture. Few days ago IDF Chief-of-Staff Moshe Ya’alon told commanders first systems would be supplied as early as 2007. Both the Ministry of Defense and Elbit prefer to keep the deal under wraps. Ministry of Defense spokesperson said that the Minister has not yet approved the deal, while Elbit refused to comment.