Upgraded Tourist Information Center to open this Wednesday at Jaffa Gate

Iyar é”áţý, úůń”ă May 3, 2004 Press Release This Wednesday (May 5), an upgraded Tourist Information Center will open at Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem. The inauguration is to take place in the presence of Tourism Minister Benny Elon. The Information Center, which will be staffed by personnel of the Tourism Ministry as well as volunteers speaking a variety of foreign languages, is intended to serve tourists visiting the city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a major tourist attraction, drawing some 90 percent of all tourists coming to Israel. The upgraded Information Center comprises two floors. The bottom floor will contain sophisticated computer media, providing the tourist with essential information about Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular. The Tourist Information Center will also print out certificates of appreciation for VIPs who will sign a pledge to serve as goodwill ambassadors and as promoters of tourism to Israel. The second floor will be used for hosting VIP groups, for screening films and other purposes. The ceremony inaugurating the Tourist Information Center is to be attended by the Minister of Tourism, Benny Elon; the Acting and Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Yigal Amedi; central figures from the tourism industry; Christian clerics, and senior officials of the Tourism Ministry. The upgraded Jaffa Gate Tourist Information Center joins the other tourist information centers operated by the Tourism Ministry, at Ben Gurion Airport, in Eilat and elsewhere. The office will be open Sundays through Thursdays, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.