17.12.2003 HA’ARETZ 1. ISA DIRECTOR: WE HAVE NOT SUCCEEDED IN PROVIDING THE ISRAELI PEOPLE WITH THE “PROTECTIVE SUIT” IT DESERVES. ISA Director on Jewish terror: Strategic threat. Dichter: Israel has failed to “dry up” sources of war materiel. Called for construction of separation fence to be speeded up “by all possible means.” Said: Quiet is misleading, more than 20 attacks have been foiled. Yesha Council declares: We will begin campaign to populate outposts. Egyptian Foreign Minister to come to Israel on Monday.

2. CIA: SLIM CHANCE FOR ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN SETTLEMENT BY 2020. Assessment: Arafat’s death could bring peace closer; Israel will not yield on nuclear weapons. 3. NETANYAHU PROPOSES: COMPULSORY PENSION FOR ALL WORKERS AS OF 2005. HATZOFEH 1. ISA Director admits: State of Israel has failed to protect its citizens. STORM FOLLOWING DICHTER’S REMARKS: JEWISH TERROR – STRATEGIC THREAT. ISA Director appeared in public for first time and caused outrage among right-wing MKs. Dichter said that Jewish terror was liable to turn Israeli-Palestinian dispute into comprehensive conflict between 13 million Jews and one billion Muslims worldwide. He warned against misleading quiet on Palestinian side. Said regarding Israeli Arabs: Iran has marked them as possible fifth column. 2. [IDF CHIEF-OF-STAFF LT.-GEN. MOSHE] YAALON: PUBLISHING PLAN TO ASSASSINATE SADDAM – IRRESPONSIBLE. 3. AMANA SECY.-GEN.: MIGRON LAND LEGALLY PURCHASED FROM JEWS. 4. ECONOMIC RECOVERY: ISRAEL’S CREDIT RATING RAISED. MA’ARIV 1. Avi Dichter in rare speech: State has not provided proper security. ISA DIRECTOR SPEAKS. (…). 2. REPORT: SOLDIERS ASSISTING DRUG TRAFFICKERS. 3. AFTER MORE THAN A YEAR: BARGHOUTI HAS A SHOWER. 4. CONCERN: DEADLY INFLUENZA STRAIN HAS REACHED ISRAEL. Dozens of children in US have died from new strain, nicknamed “Fujian Islands.” Virus identified in Israel day before yesterday. Immunization only 50% effective. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Special: Intelligence officer on operation to eliminate Saddam Hussein reconstructs accident. MOMENTS OF FEAR AT TZE’ELIM. Maj. (res.) Nadav Zeevy: “Missile launch shocked soldiers, who didn’t know that exercise included live fire.” “Panic in command center, who were convinced that VIPs had been hit and that IDF was leaderless.” “Soldier who played Saddam said: ‘I saw that I had been hit. My left foot was in two pieces.’” “VIPs that observed exercise thought that explosion was for effect.” 2. ISA DIRECTOR: ISRAEL HAS FAILED TO PROTECT ITS CITIZENS. In unusual speech, he said: “Quiet of recent weeks is mendacious and misleading.” 3. PRIZE SCANDAL. Barenboim to receive Wolf Prize after “expressing regret” for playing Wagner. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot quotes ISA Director Avi Dichter’s comments at the Herzliya Conference yesterday that Iran represents the new threat to Israel. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, says that the IDF should not be used to force the evacuation of settlements; rather, the residents there should dismantle their own homes, or “be left on the hills, alone, and at the mercy of the Palestinians.” Hatzofeh comments on the US Congress’s decision to impose sanctions on Syria because, “It is a state that supports terror.” The editors point out that similar sanctions against Iraq only succeeded in hurting the Iraqi people and that the leadership did not suffer at all, a scenario likely to be repeated in Syria. The paper calls for the destruction of the Syrian dictatorship.BPI.