Waqf freaking out as Temple Mount remains closed and members arrested | Jordan demands Temple Mount be reopened but hasn’t condemned attack

Waqf freaking out as Temple Mount remains closed and members arrested | Jordan demands Temple Mount be reopened but hasn’t condemned attack | Additional Temple Mount footage | – July 15, 2017

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July 15, 2017 / 21 Tammuz 5777
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Islamic Waqf Officials Freaking Out: Israel Has Seized Control of Temple Mount

Hana Levi Julian
The Waq officials were especially distressed that Israeli officers are continuing a thorough, comprehensive search of the compound.

Temple Mount Terror Weapons Hidden Days in Advance

Jewish Press News Briefs
Police suspect Waqf officials may aided the terrorists.

Warning: Graphic – Security Camera Footage from Start of Temple Mount Terror Attack

Jewish Press News Briefs
The terrorists snuck up from behind the police officers.

Temple Mount Remains ClosedBy Israel Police Despite Arab Clashes

Hana Levi Julian
Police are continuing to search the area for evidence and for suspects who were involved in aiding Friday’s killers.

Jordan Demands Temple Mount Be Reopened to Muslims

Jewish Press News Briefs
The Temple Mount was closed following the terror attack that killed two policemen and wounded 2 more.

New Security Arrangements for Temple Mount

Hana Levi Julian
Israeli security officials decided Saturday night to gradually open the Temple Mount to worshipers, visitors and tourists beginning Sunday afternoon.

Druze Minister Ayoub Kara calls for Expulsion of Terrorist Families to Gaza

Hana Levi Julian
Minister Kara also called for the demolition of the terrorists’ homes, as is done with Arab terrorists from the Palestinian Authority.

PM Orders Terrorist Mourner’s Tent Dismantled and Temple Mount Gradually Reopened

Jewish Press News Briefs
The investigation on the Temple Mount terror attack will continue over the weekend.

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Mosque Attacked in Maghar, Village of Druze Police Officer Murdered by Islamic Terrorists
The police officer left behind a widow and 3-week-old infant son.
Arabs Firebomb Family Near Mount of Olives
An infant girl was lightly injured and transported to Haddasah Ein Kerem medical center.
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