Terrorist Hunger Strike Over, Barghouti Loses | UN Hid Positive Israel Report

Terrorist Hunger Strike Over, Barghouti Loses | UN Hid Positive Israel Report | Norway Wants Their Money Back from PA | Nikki Haley Coming to Israel | – May 27, 2017


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Barghouti Loses
A Gracious Israel Grants Hunger Striking Terrorists a Single Face Saving Concession

It is curious that only 18 hunger strikers required medical care after a supposed 40-day strike.

UN Organization Hid Positive Report on Israel, Adopted Censure, Under Syrian Pressure

‘This is particularly deplorable in view of the abysmal health situation in other parts of Syria. According to the UN, last year alone, more than 300 medical facilities in Syria were targeted.’

Norway Orders Palestinian Authority to Return Funds: No Aid for Glorification of Terrorist Attacks

Hana Levi Julian
“Norway will not allow itself to be associated with institutions that take the names of terrorists in this way.”

Orthodox Woman Files ‘Modest’ Lawsuit

Ziona Greenwald
So does the decision in the Jalal case foretell a similar outcome for Goldfarb? Not at all, says Goldfarb’s attorney, Joey Aron, of Aron Law PLLC.

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The Yishai Fleisher Show

An Israeli Sword Dance?
Yishai is on the road between Jerusalem and Hebron, reflecting on 50 years of Jerusalem and Hebron liberation and reunification. But why does Israel put out a sissy narrative in a time where we need to broadcast strength to the world? Listen in!

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US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley to Visit Israel
This past week Haley visited Jordan and Turkey, where she focused on the needs of displaced Syrian refugees.
Attack in Egypt Kills 26, Wounds 25
It is suspected that the terrorists were from ISIS. There are children among the dead.

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The Saga Of Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi

Beth Sarafraz
Responsibility, taking acharayus for our actions, is something we could all start doing a bit more.

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