Arab MK Hunger-Strikes for Terrorists | Elections Show Hamas Would Take Over PA | PA Removes Weapons for Trump

Arab MK Hunger-Strikes for Terrorists | Elections Show Hamas Would Take Over PA | PA Removes Weapons for Trump | Hitler is Alive in NJ |



Marwan Barghouti is No Nelson Mandela

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Arab MK Hunger Strikes in Solidarity with PA Terrorists

Jewish Press News Briefs
Israeli Arab MK Ayman Odeh says he’ll fast for the day to express his support for Tanzim terrorist Marwan Barghouti and 700 PA terrorist prisoners.

Birzeit U. Vote Shows Hamas Would Take Over PA in Free Elections

David Israel
The Birzeit student elections are closely watched by political observers, because they are free and transparent, as befits the most prestigious university in the Palestinian Authority.

PA Security Force Pulls Weapons Off Streets Ahead of Trump Visit

Hana Levi Julian
More than 700 weapons were taken off the street by the Palestinian Authority security police in just one day alone; it’s clear they know where the guns are.

IDF Spokesman Accusing B’Tselem of Staging Provocation

David Israel
‘There is a fundamental difference between photographing an event while it is happening and creating an event by arriving in the field with a camera. ‘

Lower East Side Synagogue Cautioning Next Door Art Center on Inviting Linda Sarsour

David Israel
She has tweeted that a young Palestinian boy going to throw stones at Israeli soldiers is the ‘definition of courage.’

Russian Parliament Member Drowns in Dead Sea

Hana Levi Julian
Tarasyuk was the deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources and Utilization.

Hitler Is Alive and Crazy and Living in Pennsylvania

It so happens that May 8, when he became legally Hitler, was Victory in Europe Day, marking the surrender of self-proclaimed Nazi Germany.

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The Yishai Fleisher Show

Because God Said So
Some things in the Torah make a lot of sense, but others, seemingly, do not. Rabbi Mike Feuer and Rabbi Yishai delve into the secrets that God has placed in the Torah to achieve social cohesion, procreativity, and holiness for the Jewish people. And when we don’t get it, well… God said so!

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FIFA Deletes Anti-Israel Resolution from Congress Agenda
The FIFA council decided it’s simply “too early” for the congress to make a decision on such an issue.
FIFA Delays Decision on Anti-Israel Resolution
“At this stage it is premature for the Fifa Congress to take any decision.” Extension was granted till March 2018 for a compromise.
High Court Bars Business Owners from Paying Kashrut Inspectors’ Wages
The kashrut supervisors union strongly opposes the reform, fearing that an open and transparent pay method would adversely affect their income.
Israel’s Nationality Bill Passes Preliminary Reading
If passed, the measure will become one of the Basic Laws of the country, with constitutional status.
Stolen Antique Coins, Jewelry, Seized in Arab Village
Police archaeology unit investigators have estimated the value of the exhibits, from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Medieval periods, at tens of thousands of dollars.
Danon: Palestinian Authority Has Paid $1 B to Terrorists
A terrorist is sentenced and then jailed… “and then, he’s paid more than $3,000 every month.”
Israel Innovation Authority Running First Smart Manufacturing Road Show In Southern China
Chinese, Israeli manufacturers in hundreds of B2B meetings on advanced R&D
Elbit Gets $40 Million Contract to Modernize Brazilian Marine Corps Electronic Warfare
The contract calls for the supply of cutting-edge technologies and operational capabilities.
Kahlon ‘Net Family’ Tax Cut Plan Passes Unanimously
“The Knesset today says in a clear voice to the working citizen that it also knows how to give, not just take.”
Firestorm Over US President Trump’s Firing of FBI Director Comey
Trump: “It is essential that we find new leadership for the FBI that restores public trust and confidence….”
Pipe Bombs Attack Prevented at IDF Military Court
It’s impossible to know how many would have died and/or been injured if Israelis had not caught the terrorist at the checkpoint smuggling in those two bombs.
Fires in Northern Negev, Samaria
Investigators have launched a probe to determine the cause of the flames; last year most fires were lit by arsonists.
FOUND: Have you seen Carlos Nicolas Rivamar?
Have you seen Carlos Nicolas Rivamar, last seen on May 1 at around 8 a.m. in Jerusalem?

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Comey’s Firing and the Price of Blind Partisanship

Jonathan S. Tobin
Getting rid of an FBI director who had lost his credibility was going to generate conspiracy theories no matter what.

The National Security Council’s New Pro-Hamas Israel Advisor

Daniel Greenfield
Kris Bauman not only equates Islamic terrorism and Israeli self-defense against terrorism, but at one point he actually equates Jews living in territory claimed by the terrorists with Islamic terrorism

The Candy Bar that Blew Barghouti’s Cover

Bassam Tawil
Since his appointment as chairman of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, Abu Bakr has demanded that Israeli and international media refrain from reporting anything offensive about the Palestinians

CUNY Embraces/Honors Israel-Hating, Terror-Supporting Sarsour

Zionist Organization of America
CUNY would never tolerate a commencement speaker with a history of bigotry toward African Americans, Hispanics or the LGBTQ community yet it is welcoming Sarsour, an anti-Semite

Sarsour’s Anti-Semitism Campaign Minimizes Anti-Semitism

IPT-Investigative Project on Terrorism
Sarsour famously tweeted, “Nothing is creepier than Zionism.” That’s not a statement critical of Israel and its policies, she believes the entire concept of a homeland for the Jewish people is flawed, is “creepy.”

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Two Views on Israel

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The Fishermen from Galilee

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