Free BBQ (Outside Hunger-Striking Terrorists’ Prison) | Obama Warned Bibi Against Ground Troops in Gaza

Free BBQ (Outside Hunger-Striking Terrorists’ Prison) | Obama Warned Bibi Against Ground Troops in Gaza | Yael Lempert Leaving WH | You Must Work on Shabbat | Stay Away from North Korea | – April 20, 2017 JewishExpress

April 20, 2017 / 24 Nisan 5777


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#Free BBQ — Taunt a Hunger Striking Terrorist Today

[email protected]
Join the free BBQ outside of Ofer prison.

Netanyahu: Obama Warned MeAgainst Sending Troops into Gaza

David Israel
Netanyahu argued that his aim at the time was to avoid that war as much as he could, and should there be a war, to keep the cost in lives to a minimum.

Yael Lempert Leaving WH for State in Administration Lousy with Obama Holdovers

Lempert is planning to leave after Palestinian Authority Charmian Mahmoud Abbas’ May 3 meeting with Trump.

I Only Knew It Was Terror When He Screamed “Allahu Akbar”

Josh Hasten
I knew it was a terror attack when an Arab man in one of the cars below who was stuck in the traffic jam looked up at me riding and screamed out his window “Allahu Akbar.”

JPPI Survey: Israeli Jews and Arabs Happy to Live in Israel, Just Not Together

Secular and Haredi Jews prefer separate neighborhoods; Ashkenazi and Sephardic, Rightist and leftist, live well together.

Watch: Arab, Leftist Students Disrupt Jerusalem Mayor’s Hebrew U Lecture

David Israel
Mayor Barkat: ‘We will not bow our heads to the violence and incitement of the radical-Left.’

Supreme Court Rules Israel’s Service Employees Must Work on Shabbat

David Israel
‘The State of Israel is not Jewish without observing Shabbat and not democratic without observing the law.’

Hamas Caught Using Cancer Patient to Smuggle Explosivesinto Israel

Jewish Press News Briefs
Hamas exploited Israel’s humanitarian gesture to smuggle explosives inside medicine containers for an imminent terror attack.

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The Yishai Fleisher Show

Passover Heroes
In the Judean desert, in a cave which was a hideout for the Bar Kochba rebells two-thousand years ago, Rabbi Mike Feuer and Rabbi Yishai meet to discuss the heroes of Passover past and the challenge of understanding the grandness of our time today. Yishai Fleisher on Twitter: @YishaiFleisher Yishai on Facebook

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Israel Dismantles Illegal EU-Funded Arab Encampment
It’s not the first time the European Union has aided and abetted illegal Arab construction.
Israel Warns Citizens on North Korea: Stay Away from Danger Zone!
Silly Israelis are still going ahead with their plans, even with an extra warning from the Foreign Ministry.
Palestinian Authority’s UK Embassy Glorifies Barghouti While Britain Mourns Young Terror Victim
The Palestinian Authority has campaigned for the international community to award Barghouti the Nobel Peace Prize.
Trump to Host Palestinian Authority’s Abbas on May 3
Arab media are warning the U.S. will lean on Abbas to end salaries to terrorists and their families, in and out of jails, and in Gaza.
15 Terror Suspects Captured in Judea, Samaria
Weapons and ammunition were also confiscated by several units during the night’s activities.
Report: Transferred Syrian Civilians Still Stuck at Site of Saturday’s Deadly Bombing
The delay is the result of last-minute rebel demands for the release of prisoners held in government prisons.
New Global Holocaust Remembrance Day Campaign to Aid Poorest Survivors
Hollywood mogul Haim Saban announced he is donating $1 million to the effort.
Plans to Renovate Ancient Harbor at Caesarea
Two foundations will donate more than NIS 100 million to join with the government in the project to bring the past to life.
Secret Service Enlarges Safety Perimeter Around White House
The move comes in the wake of a rash of intrusions and attempts to infiltrate the grounds over the past several weeks.
U. Haifa, Rambam Medical Campus Plan 20-Story Medical Research Tower
The medical research tower will be built on the medical campus of Rambam Hospital and is aimed at advancing the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

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Palestinians’ Real Enemies:Arabs

Khaled Abu Toameh
Lawlessness and anarchy ruke Palestinian refugee camps in the West Bank driving many residents to move to nearby cities and villages. Most West Bank refugees no longer live inside UNRWA-run camps

I Only Knew It Was Terror When He Screamed “Allahu Akbar”

Josh Hasten
I knew it was a terror attack when an Arab man in one of the cars below who was stuck in the traffic jam looked up at me riding and screamed out his window “Allahu Akbar.”

United States is Charging Palestinians Who Killed American

Zionist Organization of America
ZOA appreciates the Trump administration/Sessions’ DOJ’s actions to address Palestinian-Arab terrorists’ attacks against Americans – an issue that was neglected by the previous administration.

Stop Denying The Israeli Consensus On The Palestinians

Jonathan S. Tobin
Lapid said negotiations with the Palestinians would need to be conducted “in very slow stages.” How slow does he envision the process? “15-20 years, the main element of which is security arrangements”

A Seder in Jerusalem with Liberal Friends

Paul Gherkin
Leftists like the New Israel Fund rewrite the Haggadah and alter “Next Year in Jerusalem” to “Next Year in Palestine and Israel,” rejecting the centrality of God’s gifts and the role of our community

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Focusing on the Wrong Things, and Where Attention Should be Paid
Israel Thrives
Guest Author
The PA does NOT have to reject terrorism. What it must do is harder: Accept a definition of terrorism that does not change depending on the identity of the perpetrator or the identity of the victim.
A Soldier’s Mother: At What Point Do You Wish Someone Dead?
A Soldier’s Mother
Paula Stern
At what point do you wish someone dead? For me, it is when they forsake their humanity and take real and clear steps to take the life of another. I shed no tears for the terrorist “neutralized” today
#Free BBQ — Taunt a Hunger Striking Terrorist Today
[email protected]
Join the free BBQ outside of Ofer prison.

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Some Boogie Woogie in Israel

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Burying the Past

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