Bring Passover Joy to Israeli Soldiers

Bring Passover Joy to Israeli Soldiers


Send Passover Food and Personal Notes to Our Brave Israeli Soldiers! CLICK to view on web.

Bring Passover Joy to Israeli Soldiers!

Send Passover Food Packages to
Israeli Soldiers and their Families.

Our Passover Partners project connects you with the heroes of Israel who defend our freedom every day. Join us in sending Passover food packages and holiday greetings to IDF soldiers and their families.

Children enjoyng Purim

Share Holiday Blessing with our Beloved Israeli Soldiers

Along with your gift, include a personal message of support and encouragement, so greatly appreciated by the soldiers.

Many soldiers come from families that are needy. Matzoh, wine and other Passover essentials are needed to properly and joyfully celebrate the Holiday of Freedom.

Show your support for our freedom fighting soldiers by sending them home with special packages for Passover.

Passover Partners can receive:

  • Personalized Passover Freedom Certificates
  • Fabulous IDF Passover Haggadahs from Israel
  • Jerusalem-baked Matzoh sent to your home
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