Dermer at AIPAC: No Longer Daylight Between US, Israel

Dermer at AIPAC: No Longer Daylight Between US, Israel | ‘NGOs at Center of UN Blunder’ | Jewish Schools Among ISIS’ ‘Perfect Targets’


March 26, 2017Ambassador Dermer at AIPAC Conference: For First Time in Many Years, There Is No Daylight Between US and Israeli Governments“When it comes to the great challenges facing Israel and the United States, for the first time in many years, perhaps in many decades, there is no daylight…MoreIn Wake of Westminster Attack, Probe Reveals Jewish Schools Among ‘Perfect Targets’ Identified by ISIS on Impenetrable Internet PlatformISIS called for attacks on key British targets – among them Jewish schools, museums, pubs and political leaders — mere weeks before “lone wolf” terrorist…MoreEx-British PM Tony Blair at AIPAC Conference: If Iranian Regime Were Benign, All Problems in Middle East Would Be Resolvable“If you had a benign regime in Iran, all of the problems in the Middle East would be resolvable,” ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on…More
Once Again, NGOs Are at the Center of a UN BlunderBy Becca WertmanThe close alliance between United Nations frameworks that demonize Israel and politicized non-governmental organizations (NGOs) keeps coming to the surface. The latest case materialized on March 15, 2017, when a little known agency — the United Nations…More
New York Times Bungles Settlement StoryA New York Times article about discussions between Israel and the United States regarding settlements in the West Bank includes this paragraph…More Sign up a friend