Who Didn’t Bomb Damascus Today? Israel, Assad, Rebels and Russia all Bomb Damascus | Ezra Schwartz’s Murderer Sentenced | Israel is a Happy Place

Who Didn’t Bomb Damascus Today? Israel, Assad, Rebels and Russia all Bomb Damascus | Ezra Schwartz’s Murderer Sentenced | Israel is a Happy Place | Passover Plots | – March 20, 2017


March 20, 2017 / 22 Adar 5777

Hezbollah Puppet

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Everyone is Bombing Syria

Syrian Air Force Bombing Damascus

Jewish Press News Briefs
The Syrian Rebels have taken over the eastern side of Damascus and attacked the Russian Embassy.

Report: Israel Bombs Syrian Positions and Hezbollah Convoy Near Damascus

Hana Levi Julian
The IAF allegedly bombed a Hezbollah weapons convoy and Syrian military sites along the Lebanon-Syria border.

One Assassinated in Drone Strike Near Quneitra (Syrian Side)

Hana Levi Julian
Defense Minister Liberman warned the next Syria fired its missiles at Israel, the IAF would wipe out its air defense system.

IDF Reportedly Attacks Syria a Few More Times and What it All Means

Iran is feeling expansive, and Russia seems quite fine with Israel’s actions to keep Iran in check.

Headlines & Recommended
Life Sentence for Terrorist Who Murdered Ezra Schwartz, hy’d

Hana Levi Julian
Ezra Schwartz was in Israel for a gap year program when he was murdered by a terrorist while on his way to volunteer at a park.

The Diabolical PA/EU Plan for Area C

Josh Hasten
The A, B, Cs pf EU illegal intervention.

Norway Tops UN 2017 Global Happiness Rankings, Israel 11th, US 14th

Israel has retained its 11th place – same as last year. When the first UN ranking was issued, in 2012, Israel was in 14th place.

Survey: 36% of Secular Jews Want to Leave Israel

The highest rate of those who wish to leave was among secular Jews, where 36% said they would have left. Among religious Jews only 7% expressed the same wish.

Shin Bet Warns of Impending Passover Terrorist Plots

Hana Levi Julian
Shin Bet director Nadav Argaman says the “deceptive calm” doesn’t mean terrorists aren’t making plans for attacks in coming days.

Man with Gun Detained at Ben Gurion, Soldier with Bullets Stopped in Tashkent

David Israel
‘Alongside our obligation to help an Israeli in distress, the Foreign Ministry reiterates it warning to avoid flying abroad with weapons or ammunition.’

Israel Signs Agreement With China on Foreign Workers and More

Hana Levi Julian
Israel and China signed a bouquet of economic agreements that included aviation cooperation, joint laboratories and more.

North Korea Tests New Rocket Engine, Another Move Towards Long-Range Missile

Hana Levi Julian
North Korea is continuing to test new military weapons even as US Secy of State Rex Tillerson warns diplomatic options are fading.

Anti-Semitic Graffiti Spray-Painted on Historic Synagogue in Barbados

Hana Levi Julian
Synagogue spokesperson Martin Steinbok said he “believed the culprit or culprits were deranged.”

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The Yishai Fleisher Show

Face on Fire
Why was Moses’ face aglow when he came down from Mt. Sinai? Why did the Jews want a golden calf when they saw that Moses was delayed (or dead)? Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to discuss one of the most dramatic Torah portions in the canon – at the end of this episode your face will be on fire as well!

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IDF Chief: Hezbollah Keep Seeking More Accurate and Deadly Weapons
Eizenkot said the IDF would persist in preventing weapons shipments to Hezbollah.
Haifa U. Scholar Pushing Gaza Island Harbor
‘If the residents of Gaza want to think about their future, and not just about liberating Palestine – an artificial island is definitely the answer’
Two Torah Scrolls Added to Prague’s Old-New Synagogue
The Old New Synagogue or Altneuschul, located in Josefov, Prague, is Europe’s oldest active synagogue and the oldest surviving medieval synagogue of twin-nave design.
Netanyahu Meets with Heads of Alibaba, Baidu
Netanyahu touted investing in Israel with its ‘unique human capital.’
Netanyahu Advisers Head to Washington to Meet Trump Officials
Netanyahu made it clear a construction freeze in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria was a non-starter, would spell political disaster.
Egyptian President El-Sisi to Visit White House April 3
Egypt’s Pres. El-Sisi first spoke with U.S. Pres. Trump three days after he entered the White House.
Bomb Threat at the White House
Security was upgraded at the White House; no bomb was found in the vehicle.
Passover Special: Bag of Plagues
Have a wonderful, holiday, regardless of whether or not it is plague-infested…
Lifeguards at Lake Kinneret on Chol HaMoed Passover
Last year more than 250,000 tourists flocked to the beaches along the shores of the lake on the Passover holiday.
Warning: Israel’s Egged Bus Drivers Threaten (Again) to Strike
If you’re a commuter who relies on Egged to get to work or school, be warned: drivers are threatening to strike.
Wanted Arab Terror Fugitives Captured Overnight
IDF soldiers also discovered and seized illegal weaponry during their operations.
World’s Largest Travel Bloggers’ Conference to Begin in Jerusalem
The conference agenda includes a number of keynote speakers including Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat.

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Linda Sarsour and the Interfaith Dialogue Fallacy

Jonathan S. Tobin
{Originally posted to the JNS website} One of the cornerstones of Jewish community relations work is building bridges to other religious and ethnic communities. The principle behind these efforts is sound. We know that our safety as a minority group is dependent on respect for the rights of others. Dialogue with different peoples and faiths […]

New Israeli Milestone Reveals the Farce of the Guardian’s BDS Obsession

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door” and that is how you beat BDS.

The Diabolical PA/EU Plan for Area C

Josh Hasten
The A, B, Cs pf EU illegal intervention.

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Ha’aretz Spits at the “Mensches”
Israel Thrives
Michael Lumish
Clearly, Ha’aretz is the toxic little Israeli brother of the NY Times, but I never figured they would actually hurl poison at Jewish ballplayers in order to score points with their big brother in NY
A Thought About Jordan and its Treaty Obligations
This Ongoing War
Frimet and Arnold Roth
Jordan, despite protestations to the contrary, never had a problem giving Tamimi major public platforms giving her ‘celebrity-murderer’ status. Will Jordan ever honor its treaty obligations to the US?
IDF Reportedly Attacks Syria a Few More Times and What it All Means
Iran is feeling expansive, and Russia seems quite fine with Israel’s actions to keep Iran in check.
“But Seriously, Folks…”
Abu Yehuda
Vic Rosenthal
Israeli aircraft bombed targets in Syria, preventing the transfer of “advanced weapons” from Iran to Hezbollah, Though this was not the first such bombing, this time things were VERY different

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10 Things I Hate About Israel

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The Lifeguard Tower Hotel

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