Husan Villagers Apologize to Beitar | More JCC Bomb Threats | MK Hazan on the “Palestinian Nation” | Israeli Baseball Wins | Ancient Road in Beit Shemesh

Husan Villagers Apologize to Beitar | More JCC Bomb Threats | MK Hazan on the “Palestinian Nation” | Israeli Baseball Wins | Ancient Road in Beit Shemesh | – March 7, 2017


March 7, 2017 / 9 Adar 5777

The Apprentice

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Bomb Threats Again Strike JCCs, Jewish Day School & ADL Offices

Hana Levi Julian
A sixth wave of bomb threats has struck American Jewish institutions across the United States — but some centers chose not to evacuate this time.

Unanimous Letter From U.S. Senate to Trump Administration Asking for Action on JCC Bomb Threats

Hana Levi Julian
“We are concerned that the number of incidents is accelerating and failure to address and deter these threats will place innocent people at risk”

Knesset Holds Emergency DebateAbout US Anti-Semitism

Hana Levi Julian
“Despite our long-standing practice of coming to the defense of threatened Jewish communities, when it comes to the United States, we are silent.”

Arab Stabs Jewish Man Near Gush Etzion Tunnels Checkpoint

David Israel
The man, about 40, received treatment for a stabbing wound in his upper body.

Husan Arab Villagers Apologizeto Beitar Illit for Stoning Attacks

Hana Levi Julian
“If you know of a specific person injured by stones thrown by our young people, contact us and we will try to compensate for this.”

Israel Bars Entry of Pro-BDS Visitors

David Israel
MK Smotrich said in a statement that the new law means Israel ‘stops turning the other cheek.’

MK Hazan Drills Arab MKs on Logical Inconsistency

David Israel
If Arafat is the father of the “Palestinian nation,” then before Arafat Palestinians didn’t exist.

Israel Beats Taipei 15-7 Picking Second Win in World Baseball Classic

Taipei scored three runs in the sixth, cutting Israel’s lead to 6-3, but Taipei’s bullpen fell apart in the top of the seventh, allowing five Israeli runs.

Israel Beats S. Korea in First Game of 2017 World Baseball Classic

Hana Levi Julian
Israel won the first game of the World Baseball Classic in Seoul in the tenth inning.

Headlines & Recommended
2,000 Year Old Road Excavated near Bet Shemesh

‘The ancient road passed close to the Israel National Trail and we believe that it will spark interest among the hikers.’

Conservative Movement Reverses Ezra the Scribe, Admits Gentiles

David Israel
‘Now honor the Lord, the God of your ancestors, and do his will. Separate yourselves from the peoples around you and from your foreign wives.’

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The Yishai Fleisher Show

Tackle the Tabernacle
Can’t handle those blueprint Torah portions? Can’t understand the knobs and flowers on the Menorah? Don’t worry about it – Moses has a tough time too! Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai for a discussion that is part engineering, part art, and 100% the sweet Torah of Zion. Plus: your emails!

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Military Prosecution Appeals Elor Azaria’s ‘Light’ Sentence
The prosecution told the court on Tuesday that a harsher sentence would deliver a clear and unambiguous message regarding the moral principles tied to the verdict.
Court Hearings Rescheduled for Man Accused of Threatening JCCs
Thompson will be in court in St. Louis on Wednesday, as scheduled, for a hearing on his remand until his trial.
Christian Cleric Urges Americans to Stand With Israel Against BDS
“As one of the few surviving Christians in the Middle-East, I praise God daily for the blessing of being able to call myself an Israeli.”
US Secy of State Tillerson Explains Trump’s New Counter Terrorism Executive Order
“This order is part of our ongoing efforts to eliminate vulnerabilities that radical Islamist terrorists can and will exploit for destructive ends.”
US European Commander Tours IDF Defense Systems, Hamas Tunnel in Israel
EUCOMM Commander Scaparrotti emphasized the U.S. commitment to maintaining Israel’s qualitative military edge in the region and defensive capacities.
Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman Arrives in Washington
DM Liberman arrived at the Pentagon at midday Tuesday for talks with US Defense Secy James Mattis. The top item on the agenda: Iran.
Russian B-List Leaders Meet MK Herzog in Moscow to Discuss Syria, PA
Herzog planned to ‘reiterate Israel’s demand to prevent at all cost transferring to Hezbollah weapons that had been provided to Syria, as well as to prevent Hezbollah from acquiring positions in the Syrian Golan heights.’
Knesset Gives Preliminary Approval to Religious Sanctions on Recalcitrant Husbands in Prison
‘The bill is intended to authorize the rabbinical courts to levy these limits on get refusers sitting in prison, in order to persuade them to release their wives from the chains of their Aguna status.’
Building Bridges with a Net
Mamanet is based on cachibol – as in catch-a-ball – and resembles the ‘catching’ version of volleyball known to some as netball or newcome.
Report: F-35A Fighter Jets Can’t Fly Safely in Thunderstorms, Lightning
Two Australian F-35A stealth fighter jets are unable to fly safely in thunder and lightning, according to the Royal Australian Air Force.
Netanyahu Plans New Divisions for China, India in Foreign Affairs
Netanyahu told Israeli envoys the largest markets are found in Asia. The PM says he plans to expand Israel’s ties with India and China.

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Purim Drink and Diplomacy

David Weinberg
Trump already has helped Israel regain a significant degree of defensive strength by rejecting ‘daylight’ as strategic policy, instead warmly embracing Netanyahu as an intimate ally. L’Chaim!

Media Misfeasance Exposed in “Eyeless in Gaza” Documentary

Noah Beck
“Eyeless in Gaza” shows the under-reported unprecedented efforts by Israel to minimize Gaza’s civilian casualties and how Hamas works to maximize them.

The Most Important Article that You Didn’t Read about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

David Gerstman
The Palestinian mindset veteran Israeli peace negotiator Michael Herzog described raises the question if ANY Israeli gov’t could come to terms with the currently constituted Palestinians leadership

A Globalist’s Gambit

Tabitha Korol
The ADL abandoned its mandate to “stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment for all” to promoting globalism, Leftism and an all-encompassing socialist government

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Tamar Yonah Show – Is Iran Setting Israel Up?
The Tamar Yonah Show
Israel News Talk Radio
how should PM Netanyahu react to Putin in an upcoming meeting this Thursday
Israel Uncensored: Congressman DeSantis: US Embassy will Move to Jerusalem
Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten
The Land of Israel
Speaking at a packed Jerusalem press conference and then one-on-one with Israel Uncensored host Josh Hasten, Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis believes that US President Trump will uphold his election campaign promise and relocate the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in the near future.
Israel Uncensored: Congressman DeSantis: US Embassy will Move to Jerusalem
Rejuvenation: Purple Carrots and Flying Strawberries
Rejuvenation with Eve Harow
The Land of Israel
While on the “Salad Trail” Eve Harow met Uri Alon who teaches Israelis and tourists about vegetables, fruits and herbs – carrots in a rainbow of colors, smokin’ hot peppers and edible flowers are just some of the tastes and smells. Listen in to hear more.
Rejuvenation: Purple Carrots and Flying Strawberries
Phantom Nation – Trump’s Verbal Dodge
Phantom Nation
Israel News Talk Radio
U.S. President Trump did NOT completely criticize anti-Semitism [anti-Jewism].
The Tamar Yonah Show – Converting in the Countryside
The Tamar Yonah Show
Israel News Talk Radio
Originally from Denmark, she runs a conversion program in a country setting for women seeking to convert to Judaism.
The Danger Zone – March 4 Trump!
The Danger Zone with Gadi Adelman
Israel News Talk Radio
Gadi Adelman spoke at the Trump rally last week.
Goldstein on Gelt: Will Investment Risk Derail Your Retirement?
Goldstein on Gelt
Doug Goldstein, CFP®
Expert advice on investments, risk, and how having the right retirement plan makes all the difference.

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Video of the Day

MK Hazan Drills Arab MKs on Logical Inconsistency

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Photo of the Day

Not All Tunnels Are Bad

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