Iranian Missile Threat ; Ofra Demolition Update ; NYers vs. Neo-Nazis ; Israeli Tech in Super Bowl ; New Mikvah Path ; Dore Gold is so Tough

Iranian Missile Threat ; Ofra Demolition Update ; NYers vs. Neo-Nazis ; Israeli Tech in Super Bowl ; New Mikvah Path ; Dore Gold is so Tough..


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Iranian Missile/Terror Threat

Report: Iran Claims Obama’s Consent to Ballistic Missiles Capable of Hitting Israel

IRGC Aerospace and Missile Division director Amir Ali Hajizadeh said, ‘The Americans are telling [us]: Don’t talk about missile affairs, and if you conduct a test or maneuver, don’t mention it.’

Iranian missile with the Hebrew slogan:
Trump Sanctions Iran over Ballistic Missile, Iran Threatens More ‘Roaring Missiles’

David Israel
Speaking in the Oval Office on Friday, President Trump said about the Iranians: “They’re not behaving.”

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh
US Imposes New Sanctions on Iran Over Ballistic Missile Tests

Hana Levi Julian
President Trump backed up his threat with new sanctions against Iran in response to Tehran’s latest ballistic missile test.

US President Donald Trump
Netanyahu to Meet Theresa May, Boris Johnson, on Iran

David Israel
‘I intend to emphasize the need for a common front against Iran’s defiant aggression which has raised its head in recent days.’

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu arrives at the weekly cabinet meeting, February 5, 2017.
Israeli Ambassador: We Highly Value Russia’s Actions in Syria

The US and Russia may have to reach a decision over the inclusion of Iran and its proxy Hezbollah in a permanent arrangement in Syria.

Israeli Ambassador to Russia Gary Koren
Headlines & Recommended
New Yorkers Step Up in Multiple Neo-Nazi Train Incidents

Jewish Press News Briefs
New Yorkers are stepping up in the face up rising anti-Semitic incidents.

C train in Manhattan
If you Only Loved Refugees as Much as you Hate Donald Trump

Paul Gherkin
In a time of greater instability and violence, Obama barely acted to provide sanctuary. But there were no protests in the streets of America to let in more refugees. Why the lack of protests?

IAA to Inaugurate New Mikvah Path at the Walls Around Jerusalem National Park

A new path running among two-thousand year old ritual baths that were used by pilgrims visiting the Temple Mount is to be inaugurated at the Ophel site in the Walls Around Jerusalem National Park.

The mikvah path at the Davidson Center Archaeological Park
Israeli ‘Replay’ TechnologyMakes Debut During Super Bowl

Hana Levi Julian
Fox Sports teamed up with Intel to use the new technology in its broadcasts on Super Bowl Sunday.

Intel booth at the Jerusalem Geek Picnic on Passover week 2016

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The Yishai Fleisher Show

I’m Gonna Eat Your God
First, Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to discuss the steps leading up to the exodus. Then, Yishai takes part in a demonstration against destroying the Jewish community of Amona.
Anti-Trump riots

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Klal Yisroel United By Tragedy of Grieving Funfeder Family
The 10 orphans and their father need your help.
Ofra Demonstrates Against Destruction
Thousands are demonstrating against the planned destruction.
Demonstration in Ofra against the court-ordered destruction.
Court Delays Ofra Home Destruction by One Month
The delay was for the unprepared security forces, not the residents who haven’t completed building their replacement homes.
Nine homes slated for destruction in Ofra
Packing Up in Ofra [photos]
The High Court has ordered nine homes in Ofra be demolished this week.
Packing up in Ofra. Feb. 5, 2017.
Court Denies Trump’s Appeal to Reinstate Travel Ban
As of Saturday, some 60,000 travelers from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen whose visas had been revoked are welcome to visit the US with a valid visa.
Federal Judge James Robart
Pew: Close to 1 Million Citizens of Banned Muslim CountriesEntered US Since 2006
Refugees from Syria did not start to enter the US in large numbers until fiscal 2016, but 86% of Somalia’s 72,652 entrants from fiscal 2006 to 2015 were refugees.
Airport passengers
Belarus President: Trump Not Stupid, 80% of his Advisers Are Jews
Lukashenko cautioned that Belarus not place too much hope on cooperation with Trump, stressing he is ‘first and foremost the president of the US.’
Alexander Lukashenko with Vladimir Putin
Hamas Turns Down 1-for-1 Deal
Hamas wants a lot of terrorists freed for the 2 civilians they are holding hostage in Gaza.
Alan Turing’s Josephus Flavius Postcard on Auction for $40,000
In computer science, ‘Josephus’ Problem’ refers to Josephus Flavius’ tale of how he survived a suicide pact at the end of the Siege of Yodfat.
Alan Turing's postcard text side
Turkish Energy Delegation Meeting Delek, Noble Energy Reps in Jerusalem to Discuss Gas Pipeline
On Monday, Turkey’s Minister of Culture and Tourism arrives for a state visit to Israel as well.
A natural gas drill rig in the Mediterranean.
MK Isaac Herzog Home from Hospital
MK Isaac Herzog said “I’m happy this is behind me” as he left the hospital.
Israeli Labor Party chair Isaac Herzog.
Haifa’s Mini-Subway, the Carmelit, Catches Fire
It took 13 firefighter teams to bring the blaze under control. The train will be out of commission for some time.
Carmelit, 2011

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Some Amona Residents Allowed to Return to Pack Up

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If you Only Loved Refugees as Much as you Hate Donald Trump

Paul Gherkin
In a time of greater instability and violence, Obama barely acted to provide sanctuary. But there were no protests in the streets of America to let in more refugees. Why the lack of protests?

INTO THE FRAY: Trump’s Immigration Edict: Obscuring the Larger Issue

Dr. Martin Sherman
For anyone who believes that the US Constitution is not a Sharia-compliant document, the issue of large scale Muslim immigration to the US is a grave problem.

Dr. Martin Sherman
Amona Shall Rise Again

Michael Freund
Hundreds of Jewish men, women and children, driven solely by a love for the Land of Israel and the pioneering spirit to rebuild it, will now find themselves homeless, without a roof over their head

The communities of Amona and Ofra, viewed from the east.

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OUTRAGEOUS! Famous U.S. Liberals Now Openly Calling For Overthrow Of Government
The Lid with Jeff Dunetz
Onan Coca
The right wing has used harsh terms, but only the most fringe have argued for the government’s overthrow or the upending of a lawfully elected administration. Sadly the same can’t be said for liberals
Shiloh Musings: Like The Loss of a Child, The Destruction of a Community A Permanent Pain
Shiloh Musings
Batya Medad
Just a couple of months ago, the residents of Amona had been told that they’d still be on the hill, or very close by, and that the government would build them a real community with real houses
The evacuation of Amona Feb 1, 2017.
Goldstein on Gelt: What Happens to U.S. Spousal Social Security Benefits After Divorce or Remarriage?
Goldstein on Gelt
Doug Goldstein, CFP®
Find out why women in particular should research what they may be entitled to when they retire, whether single, married, or divorced. Depending on your situation, it may be more than you think.
Doug Goldstein

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Dore Gold is So Tough, He Can Take on Chuck Norris chuck-norris-and-dore-gold

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