Trump Ducks Jerusalem Question ; Israeli Bus Falls Off Cliff ; Minister Kara Slaughters 68 Lambs for Israel ; Swiss Gov. Hiding BDS Accounts?

Trump Ducks Jerusalem Question ; Israeli Bus Falls Off Cliff ; Minister Kara Slaughters 68 Lambs for Israel ; Swiss Gov. Hiding BDS Accounts?


January 27, 2017 / 29 Tevet 5777
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Snake! – Parshat Vaera snake-parshat-vaera

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Headlines & Recommended

Trump Ducks Questions on PA Money, Embassy Move

David Israel
President Trump refused to provide conclusive answers on the two questions that could illustrate the difference between the Obama and Trump Administrations’ decisions regarding Israel.

Two Die, 7 Hurt as Israeli Bus Falls 70 Meters Down Ravine in Storm

Hana Levi Julian
The bus was traveling along a dark winding road with minimal lighting under stormy conditions with cold rain and wind.

The Egged bus that fell off a cliff on Jan. 27, 2017
Say It with Lambs: New Minister Celebrates Appointment with Joyous Slaughter

Kara, who was born in 1955, originally planned to slaughter 61 sheep, to mark his 61 years on God’s green earth.

Minister Ayoub Kara at home
Increased Housing On the Agenda for Hareidi Jews in Judea, Samaria

Hana Levi Julian
Some hareidi residents of Judea and Samaria say they feel the government is discriminating against them in housing allocations.

The town of Beitar Ilit in Gush Etzion
Israel Approves Construction of 153 More Homes in Jerusalem

Hana Levi Julian
Israel is slowly thawing out the frozen, locked up building plans that were put away due to pressure from the Obama administration.

An apartment building complex in southern Jerusalem's Gilo neighborhood,, photographed in December 2015.
PM Netanyahu at Yad Vashem: Today’s Iran Advocates New Holocaust

David Israel
Netanyahu shared his recent phone conversation with the new US president, saying Trump ‘spoke about Iran’s commitment to destroy Israel. He spoke about the nature of this nuclear agreement and the danger it poses.’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the International Holocaust Remembrance Day event at Yad Vashem, Jan. 26, 2017
PM Netanyahu Addresses Yad Vashem International Holocaust Remembrance Day Event

Hana Levi Julian
PM Netanyahu warned Iran that the last regime that tried to annihilate the Jewish People — that which spawned the Holocaust — ended up “in the dustbin of history.”

PM Benjamin Netanyahu at Intl Holocaust Remembrance Day event at Yad Vashem

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The Yishai Fleisher Show

Prosecuting David for Goliath Manslaughter
Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai for Spiritual Cafe where they discuss the plagues, God’s promises to Moses for a successful process, and the merits and the faults of Shalom Aleichem’s Fiddler on the Roof. Then, Malkah joins Yishai to discuss the David’s Sling defense system, President Donald Trump’s hold on transfer of money to terrorists, and the fate of Israel’s soldier, Elor Azaria.

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Swiss Government Hides Information on Millions for BDS-Funding Framework
Switzerland may be helping the Palestinian Authority in its war against Israel by funding the Boycott Divest and Sanctions campaign.
Zurich main station (railways) with Station Square and Alfred Escher monument from Station Road in 2001
New WhatsApp Group Using Alerts to Catch Antiques Robbers
The robberies are carried out aggressively and in broad daylight. Unique legal issues between the IDF and the PA also make law enforcement difficult.
Archaeological site that was 'visited' by Arab robbers
Egypt-Gaza Border Opens for 3 Days
Hamas chief Ismael Haniyeh is wrapping up a visit to Egypt.
The Rafah border crossing between Egypt and southern Gaza.
Roadside Terrorism Continues to Damage Vehicles, Traumatize Israelis
Numerous stoning attacks across Judea and Samaria and one in the northern Negev as well as roadside attacks continue to escalate. Where are the IDF patrol vehicles?
Illustrative photo: Arab stone throwing hits a windshield.
Ramat Gan Prepares to Sparkle in Sixth International Diamond Week in Israel
Special guests include diamond experts, retailers and jewelry manufacturers from Russia, China, Hong Kong and Armenia, among others.
Twin 10-carat fancy intense yellow radiant diamonds, from Alrosa Russian mining firm
UK Jewish Students Ask For Protection, But Students Union Nixes Their Rights
A London university campus is becoming an unsafe place for Jewish students, says a group that monitors anti-Semitism in Britain.
Anti-Semitic graffiti at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London.

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Cars Stoned Near Beitar Ilit

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Fear G-d, Not Men

Moshe Feiglin
Where there is no fear of G-d, there is murder. Fear of Heaven is the cure for all the shocking murders that plague us.

Moshe Feiglin on TV
That Special Friday Night Feeling

Harvey Rachlin
What an incomparable joy it is, Shabbos eve. Marking the beginning of the Shabbos glories to come, it is rich with anticipation of the praying and learning and pleasures and relaxation ahead.

Harvey Rachlin
Denial Doesn’t Mean There Are No Consequences

Rabbi Eliyahu Safran
Who were these Egyptians who, after witnessing six plagues still ignored Moses’s warning? How could Pharoah and his court deny the reality before them?

Rabbi Eliyahu Safran

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BULLETPROOF – Obama, Trump, Jerusalem! Oh My!
Israel News Talk Radio
With so much turmoil now in the world, what lies ahead?
Israel On My Mind – Blind Golf, Bagless Shopping and Growing Back Bones!
Israel on My Mind
Israel News Talk Radio
The weird and wonderful news coming from Israel!
A Hebrew in the Heartland -Kenya, Jordan, and Video Activism
A Hebrew in the Heartland
Israel News Talk Radio
How does Kenya, Jordan and Video Activism go together?

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Parshas Va’era

Rabbi Yaakov Klass

Weekly Luach - Shabbat Shalom
Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Vaera: Wasn’t Moshe a Prophet?

Rabbi Francis Nataf
Moshe complained to God that even though he would have the best human understanding of the Divine will, he had difficulty bringing it down to regular people. That role-“turgaman/navi”-Aharon filled

Rabbi Francis Nataf
Va’era: Did God Take Away Pharaoh’s Free Will?

Rabbi David Fohrman
According to the simple meaning of the text, it seems God took Pharaoh’s free will. Rabbi Fohrman argues that the precise language– kaved/chazek–shows that God DID allow Pharaoh to pursue his vision

Keeping It Simple

Rabbi Simcha Weinberg
Why did Pharaoh consistently ask Moses to pray for a plague to stop, rather than himself pray? Wouldn’t that have been simpler?

The Cup Of Hope

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Pesach represents the start of the great journey of Jewish history – from slavery to freedom, Egypt to the Promised Land.

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Hearing The Cry Of Another

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis
In these difficult days for Jews throughout the world, especially in Eretz Yisrael, we must sensitize ourselves to hear the silent cry of another’s heart, then Hashem shall surely hear ours as well

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis
Peeping Tom (Bava Batra 59a)

Raphael Grunfeld
There is nothing illegal about looking at other people just as there is nothing illegal with talking about other people.

Inaugural Introspection

Rabbi Raphael Fuchs
A phenomenon that allows this process to occur is the credence, admiration, and relevance that our culture affords to celebrities and athletes.

logo_Raphael Fuchs_JP.cdr
Loan Costs

Rabbi Meir Orlian
I’m not an expert in the laws of ribbis, replied Mr. Rubin, but we can check with Rabbi Dayan.

Following A Dream

Perel Cohen
With no other choice in sight, David continued along his path until he finished high school without having any substantial plans for his future in mind.

Q & A: A Missed Torah Reading (Part X)

Rabbi Yaakov Klass
Question: If a person was ill on Shabbos and unable to go to shul to hear Keri’at haTorah, must he have someone read it to him in shul upon his recovery? Sincerely, Isaac Greenberg

Daf Yomi

Rabbi Yaakov Klass
A Fundraisers Reward ‘Those Who Persuade Others To Give Charity Are Greater’ (Bava Basra 9a)

The Measure Of The Man

Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier
Before each person is born, he is predestined to certain abilities and talents, a particular level of intelligence, and an exact disposition and temperament.


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Build Baby, Build SETTLEMENTS

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