Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press

Yediot Aharonot protests against “An unsportsmanlike foul,” and adds that “The Olympic Committee President is not stupid, nor is he naďve.  He knows well that the injured Iranian was healthy, but instead of coming out against politicization in sports, he attempted to whitewash the charade.”
Ma’ariv, regarding the imminent deportation of 400 of the 1200 illegal migrant workers’ children together with their parents, opines that “The main point is that no good-hearted, enlightened Israeli could fathom not regarding Hebrew speaking children who love the country, the state and the language, as totally Israeli, like you and me, even if they are not ‘Jewish according to the Rabbinate’.”
Yisrael Hayom says that “Direct talks with the Palestinians are at the doorstep, and a great excitement has taken hold of those few naďve people who still believe that our neighbors want peace and to end the conflict.  Last week I cited a report that Abu Mazen told Jewish leaders in the US that ‘I will never negate the Jewish People’s right to the Land of Israel.’  That item was in Haaretz and infused a joyful wind in the tattered sails of those who perpetually court talks with the Palestinians.  The following day, Asharq Alawsat reported that Mahmoud Abbas denied the statements attributed to him in Haaretz.”
The Jerusalem Post discusses the photographs published on Facebook of a former Israeli soldier with blindfolded Palestinian detainees, and feels that “She lost sight of the fact that the Palestinian detainees in her charge, whatever their suspected crimes, must be afforded fundamental respect as fellow human beings.” The editor points out that while the photographs breach the standards of IDF professionalism, humanity and morality, protective soldiering must still be carried out until such time as to be deemed be unnecessary, and praises the IDF for instituting a new educational effort within its ranks to prevent any reoccurrence of this breach of standards.