President Peres at the 10th Annual Herzliya Conference

The Iranian Regime is a Climax of Moral Corruption



President Peres at the 10th Annual Herzliya Conference: “The Iranian Regime is a Climax of Moral Corruption”


The Middle East’s leading security & policy conference continues until Feb.3rd at the IDC Herzliya Campus


On the third day of the Herzliya Conference, President of the State of Israel, Shimon Peres expressed his concern that the international world still spoke of Israel as the world’s real enemy. “Nobody knows that the real danger lies not in Israel but in Iran and they are formally speaking as if nothing has changed… Even though they know in their hearts that Iran is the real enemy.” He listed Iran as the biggest problem that the world has to face today – both owing to its enriched uranium reserves and because of its oppressive regime, warning, “In the struggle against Iran we have ignored the facet of morality and they should be attacked on this facet… Iran today, not Iranians, but the Iranian regime, is a climax of moral corruption…The struggle against Iran should not begin outside Iran but inside Iran on the basis of moral grounds.” He implored, “Just as he, Ahmadinejad, represents a danger to the entire world and all its values, we must enlist the entire world and all its values to fight against Ahmadinejad.” An important element of this fight would be that it would include the entire world and not just Israel, “I don’t think this struggle should be an Israeli monopoly because Iran is a danger to the whole world…but we must be a party to that.”


His greatest concern was the future of the Middle East and the fact that its countries continue to grow their populations, already by three times more than what existed in the 1980s, yet no infrastructure had grown to accommodate them, “only poverty.” He was blunt, “We are not content to see a Middle East sinking into oblivion and loss.”


Moving to issues at home, Peres offered his assurance that there could only be a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “All those threats that there will be one state instead of two states – it won’t be like that. There can be no one state that holds two nations.” He added, “The enemy of the Palestinians is Hamas, not Israel. They are the enemy of the Jordanians, the Egyptians, the Palestinians and the Israelis.” He described Israel’s involvement in building up the first-ever Palestinian infrastructure, which has already received a growth rate of 7 per cent, ‘this is a new experience for the Palestinians and for us”, he said, and quoted the Bible, “it’s better to build a city than to occupy it.”


Reinforcing the need to maintain strong relations between the two countries, Peres said, “We cannot find a better ally in the world than the United States.” He stressed, “America has been blessed by nature from a geopolitical point of view…America has been blessed with the right proportion between the surface of the land and the size of the population and the rate of population growth…America is so great that it can afford some mistakes and it will still be stable. We cannot afford mistakes.”


Peres spoke of future unprecedented scientific outbreaks, “I’d like to prophesize that the next decade, or the next 15 years, will be the most sensational in the history of man…Not only has the population of the world increased but also the population of scientists.” He added that Israel was a leader in a number of scientific areas, “We are audacious enough to be a world laboratory.” He added that the Israeli army is a “wonderful school,” stressing his feeling that the Israeli Defense Forces should be turned into a university, “There is no reason why a boy and girl will not leave the army without a BA degree at the end of their 3 year service.” He added, “Today the wars have changed as well. More than a conflict between armies we have a conflict between brains.”



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