HEADLINES FROM THE HEBREW PRESS   HA’ARETZ 1. NETANYAHU: TURKEY CANNOT MEDIATE BETWEEN ISRAEL AND SYRIA. At meeting with Spanish PM, Netanyahu said about crisis with Turkey: “What kind of fair mediator could they be?”  Friday: UN Human Rights Council approves Goldstone report.  25 countries supported adoption of report and six opposed, including the US.   2. SIX FAMILY MEMBERS STABBED TO DEATH IN RISHON LEZION; MOTIVE UNCLEAR. Oshrenko family home set alight after murder.  (…).   3. ISRAELI GYMNAST ALEX SHATILOV WINS BRONZE MEDAL AT ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. (…).   MA’ARIV 1. (…). MASSACRE. (…).   2. DIPLOMATIC EMBARRASSMENT. China, India and Russia supported – and the Goldstone report goes to the Security Council.   YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Who murdered six members of the Oshrenko family? THE HORROR AND THE MYSTERY. (…).   YISRAEL HAYOM 1. Shocking massacre in Rishon Lezion: Six family members stabbed to death and burned. WHO MURDERED THEM? (…).   2. OUTRAGE IN ISRAEL: “IRAN, PAKISTAN AND BANGLADESH WILL PREACH MORALITY TO US?” Disappointment over Russian, Chinese and Indian support as well for Goldstone report.  Netanyahu: “Israel’s only crime is that it doesn’t have an automatic UN majority to pass every absurd resolution.”   WALLA! 1. PM: “PUBLIC OUTRAGED BY FAMILY’S MURDER.” (…).   NANA10 1. NETANYAHU: SHOCKED OVER HORRIFYING MURDER OF OSHRENKO FAMILY.”   [Headlines for Walla! and Nana10 are from their websites as of 11:50] ______________________________   SUMMARY OF OP-EDS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS   Yediot Ahronot argues that, “One would have has to be deaf, dumb or blind in order not to be able to discern what is happening around us: They’re closing in on us.” The author contends that, “In a sharp and exaggerated tone, it is possible to say: The US is throwing us to the dogs.  And the dogs outside, too numerous to count, waited just for this opportunity: For 42 years they have claimed that Israel is recalcitrant, rebellious and is laughing at the world; now we’ll show Bibi Netanyahu and company who laughs last.”   Ma’ariv suggests that, “As far as Netanyahu is concerned, it is the spin of spins.  All of the Left will applaud him for his effort, his leadership and on the boy that he returned home.  Two days later, the Palestinian street will take over the West Bank. Abu Mazen will crumble and Hamas will be the owner, of the Gaza Strip and of the West Bank.  Say good-bye to peace.  There is no one to talk with and nothing to talk about.”   Yisrael Hayom opines that, “The radical left branch in the American administration has surrendered to the left-center.  The issue of settlements no longer commands Israel-US relations.”   Nana10! says that, “The US is quietly preparing the ground for imposing an arrangement on Israel and its neighbors based on the Arab peace plan.  Obama knows that without this deal, he cannot withdraw honorably from Iraq and Afghanistan.”